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Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops - Austin, TX 

5-Star Rated by Students! Offering the best school of photography in Austin and Central Texas.
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Austin Photography Classes / Workshops

Austin and Central Texas - In-Person and Online Classes!

A Personal Thank You Message to You All

  • COVID-19 UPDATE: YES! We have brought back some in-person class options as well as continuing to offer online classes!
    • Your safety and the safety of our community are important to us! We are adapting plans as we follow the progression of the pandemic, as well as CDC and local guidelines.
    • We have arranged our studio indoor class space to help with "social distancing" and we clean all table surfaces prior to each class.
  • Online Interactive Course:
    Photography Essentials Levels 1+2 Class

    Start your photography learning here! Or take this course as a refresher on the important fundamentals of photography.
    Learn important photography essentials! Up to 9 hours of learning in this interactive online webinar course!
    • Monday/Wednesday Evenings November 1,3,8,10 2021 - Four Sessions
  • Online Interactive Class: Lightroom Classic CC Class
    Learn how to organize and enhance your photographs with this powerful program!
    • Tues/Wed/Thurs November 16,17,18 6:30pm-9pm

  • In-Person Class:
    Photography 101 - Fundamentals of Great Photography

    Start your photography learning with this in-person class!
    • Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 10am-Noon(ish)
      Nov 2,4,9,11,16,18
  • In-Person Class:
    Photography 201 - Expand Your Photography Skills

    Ready to take the next step in advancing your photography skills? This is a great class to take after taking Photography 101 or my Photography Essentials class!
    • Tuesdays/Thursday Evenings 7pm-9pm
      January 11,13,18,20,25 2022

Individual and Custom Learning Options

Fun Destination Photography Workshops

Other Classes Offered Throughout the Year

  • Online Interactive Course:
    Photography: Finding Your Way - Creativity and Inspiration Workshop

    Whether you are just starting out in photography or you have years of experience, this class will meet you where you are and help you find new directions to head to discover your unique artistic expression in photography!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session!
  • In-Person Class:
    Flash / Speedlight Photography Workshop

    Learn how to most effectively use electronic flashes / speedlights to expand your photographic skills.
    If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is another great next step we'd recommend!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session!
  • Texas Bird Photography Ranch Workshop
    Friday-Sunday October 15-17, 2021
    Sunday-Tuesday October 17-19, 2021
    Sharpen your photography skills in bird photography at a wildlife ranch near Uvalde, TX.
  • Online Course: Nature Essentials Photography Class
    Let's explore how YOU can create better nature / wildlife / landscape photographs! Kevin Gourley has years of experience leading many photographers on workshops in stunning Rocky Mountain National Park and other locales.
    If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is another great next step we'd recommend!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session!
  • Online Course: Black and White Photography
    Explore the wonderful world of black & white digital photography!
    • Wednesday August 4th, 20201 7:00-9:00pm
  • Online Class: Photoshop for Photographers Class Series
    An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
    Learn important Photoshop skills and features all photographers need to know in these interactive online classes. Let us know if you'd like us to add another session of any of these classes!
    • Photoshop Level 1+2 : Now offered as a combined course!
    • "How Do I Do That in Photoshop?" Class
    • Photoshop - Composite Photo Editing Class
  • Online Course: Photography Essentials of LIGHT Class
    Learn how you can use various qualities of LIGHT to improve your photographs
    If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is another great next step we'd recommend!
    An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session!
  • Online Course: Lightroom Classic CC Tips & Techniques Class
    An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
    If you have already learned the basics in our Lightroom Classic CC Class, take your learning one step further in this online class covering 30 tips and techniques that will help you get more out of Adobe Lightroom Classic!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session soon.
  • Need Specific Immediate Help with Lightroom Classic CC?
    In private one-on-one online sessions where you can share your computer screen, working directly with YOUR computer (remotely), I can help you with the many questions Lightroom Classic CC users encounter. I can do this online via Zoom video conferencing. It's easy to set up!
  • Online Course: Flash Photography Essentials Class
    An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
    Learn the Important Essentials of Flash Photography in this Online Class!
    If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is another great next step we'd recommend!
    • Let us know if you'd like us to add another session soon.
  • 2021 Fall Photography Fundamentals Workshop

    Learn the important fundamentals of photography in this wonderful 4-day educational workshop at a beautiful ranch retreat center in the Texas Hill Country!
    October 27-31, 2021


    • PERFECT for beginner and intermediate level photographers
    • Learn the important fundamentals of photography and camera operation
    • A perfect mix of classroom learning and exploring the ranch to put into practice what you learn in class, discover what you need help with, ask questions, then learn more in class
    • The venue is a photographer's paradise on the North Fork of the Guadalupe River
    • If you have been shooting in 'Auto' mode, you have been missing out on so many other great features in your camera. This class takes you beyond 'automatic'
    • Have you tried reading your camera manual and found it was no help? You're not alone! This class will help more than any camera user's manual.

  • We Are Not Broken – A wonderful photography volunteer opportunity!

  • I Also Do Website Design/Development!

Austin, TX Photography Classes

Conveniently Located Austin / Central Texas Photography Classes / Workshops - Classroom and Hands-On Learning

Destination Classes / Workshops

Fun photographic adventures in Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma!

Private Instruction

Individual or small group private instruction on any photographic topic. Coaching to make YOU a great photographer!


30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs

Learn how to effectively use your camera to achieve consistently better photographs.

Rated 5-Stars ***** by readers!
Review: "The only thing better than this book is taking one of Kevin's workshops or trips, but whether or not you've done that, or can do it, and whether or not you are an experienced or a novice photographer, this book should always be in your camera bag for quick reference. Kevin gives you all the tips you'll need to help you get the photograph you can see in your mind's eye but may have trouble capturing. It's like having Kevin at your shoulder on every shoot, quietly saying 'Did you remember to--?' An excellent resource!"

Why Take Our Classes?

Five Star Rating by Students

5-Star Rated by Students! Offering the best school of photography in Austin and Central Texas. "Kevin is a fantastic instructor" - Kevin's classes rise above all the rest" - "Surpasses everyone else." - "His classes are fun and challenging! Kevin goes the extra mile to teach students photography using hands-on techniques." - "His sense of humor and deep understanding of all things photographic have inspired me to get better with my camera." - "Kevin's class was amazing." - "I've been to several workshops and Kevin's is by far the best in terms of practical learning and experience you can use every day." - More...

Classroom Environment

Our classes are intentionally kept small, encouraging an environment where you can ask questions and share insights. We want you to learn in a fun and enjoyable setting. If you need extra help, no problem! Come to class early. We're here to help you learn!

Improve Your Photography

Learn how to more effectively use your camera and equipment. Don't be hindered by the limitations of your camera's "AUTO" exposure mode. Advance in your photographic skills and the result is consistently better photographs!

Have Fun

Have fun learning with other photographers! Especially in our destination workshops, we go to some beautiful places and you'll have a chance to create your own great images. As a shared adventure with other photographers like you, the experience is even more fun.

Stay Connected Online

We offer online resources to enhance your learning experience even more, including blog articles, submit homework, and we are happy to answer questions any time by email.

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Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops is an Austin based school of photography that has been rated "best photography classes in Austin Texas" by many of his students. Kevin is a full-time pro photographer with a studio in NW Austin, Texas. In addition to his years of experience in photography, Kevin has taught countless numbers of photographers, both beginner and advanced students.

Regardless of your current knowledge of photography, Kevin can help you grow in your skills in a non-intimidating environment. Want to know more reasons to choose our photography classes? Click Here Kevin's popular classes attract students from the Austin area, plus neighboring communities such as Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Killeen, Waco, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, and the Texas Hill Country area. For his full day classes and occasional weekend classes, students come from as far as Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Waco, Dallas, and even Southern Oklahoma. Wherever you are coming from, we welcome you!

What do people say about Kevin's photography?

"Kevin is one of the very best portrait photographers I have encountered in my 40+ years around the Austin photo scene. When you see his work it's obvious that his clients have a ball working with him; he's a great guy and he knows his stuff. Five stars for sure."

What do people say about Kevin's teaching?
  • "You are one of the best instructors I have had the privilege of finding."
  • "Outstanding teacher!"
  • "I've taken several intro-level photography classes in the Austin area and while I gained some new knowledge from each class, Kevin is a great "teacher" whereas the others are good presenters. I feel like the class was time and money well spent and am already studying to figure out which class to take next."
  • "Kevin is a fantastic teacher. He has an interest and a passion for photography and it shows in his teaching. I've taken 4 classes with Kevin and have benefited from each one!"
  • "Kevin's classes offer new photographers the opportunity to dive deeper into the fundamentals of photography and the tools and techniques to improve your skills. I have taken two classes now and enjoyed them both tremendously!"
  • "I have taken all of Kevin's classes. When I started with him I did not know what aperture or ISO were. Now I know how to use them. I have placed in a some photo contests, I have even sold some of my photos. None of this would have been possible without Kevin. He has the patience it takes to teach those of us who came in with only the desire to learn to take good photos."
  • "Kevin has taught me so much about photography. His classes are both fun and challenging! Kevin goes the extra mile to teach students photography using hands-on techniques. He encourages the class to ask questions and he takes the time to be certain that you understand the answer. I have taken five of Kevin's classes (so far) plus multiple private tutoring sessions! I also attended his Rocky Mountain workshop in Estes Park, CO. I highly recommend Kevin regardless of your skill level. Looking forward to my next class!"
  • "I have taken photography classes elsewhere, but Kevin's classes rise above all the rest. He explains things in a way that is easily understood. He limits his class sizes so you aren't just a number in his class and you get more personalized attention. And he uses live demos and hands on experience to help his students further grasp the information. You won't find a better instructor anywhere!" - Sheila C.
  • "I have looked at several photography classes in central Texas and what you offer surpasses everyone else."
  • "I have taken 3 courses with Kevin and plan to take everything he offers! His sense of humor and deep understanding of all things photographic have inspired me to get better with my camera. Highly recommend "Mr. Kevin" to anyone of any level who wants to know more about photography."
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Kevin Gourley is an experienced full time professional photographer with a full-service studio in Austin, Texas and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America. Kevin has also been a popular instructor of photography for many years, teaching photographers ranging from beginner/hobbyists to advanced professionals.

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