Need Photography Studio Rental? Austin, Texas

Here's something even better! Studio Photography Private Session
+ Using our Studio + With the Assistance of Experienced Pro Photographer, Kevin Gourley!

If you are like the vast majority of photographers, you may not have your own studio. You may or may not have your own lighting. You'd love to rent a studio space, but you'd love to have the guidance of an experienced full-time pro photographer to help you.

We are offering this special opportunity just for you!

Interested? Contact Kevin!

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Disclaimer: Any persons being photographed will be required to sign a model release and must be at least eighteen (18) years old and of the age of majority in the State of Texas and have the full and legal right to sign a release, OR must have a signed release from a parent or guardian. While our studio is open for business following COVID-19 safety protocols, we will continue to maintain the mask-wearing requirement for the photographer(s) when in the building. Models are not required to wear a mask when being photographed, but we will continue to maintain social distancing. We will follow these requirements as long as the medical experts indicate we should do so. We understand people's desires to move past this pandemic. Premature letting our guard down right now is counter to the recommendations of an overwhelming percentage of medical experts. Our intent is to help in any way we can to put this pandemic to an end, because in doing so, that is the best way to help one another through this, and to help local businesses stay open and for my own business to continue serving the community.