Photography : Private Instruction (Individual or Small Group)

Unfortunatelyy, you can buy expensive equipment and still take bad photos!  Your most important photographic investment is in learning how to use your equipment well.   The key is to learn how to USE your camera and lenses most effectively.

In addition to my classes/workshops, I offer private instruction!   This option provides the ultimate in personalized one-on-one attention to your specific needs and interests, while best fitting your particular scheduling requirements. 

I can do private instruction on a wide range of topics!

Student Comments

Pricing Options

Multiple Students can "Share a Session" and Save $$

Make it a fun small-group learning experience or photographic outing! If two students want to share a teaching session together, it does not cost you twice as much.  You can add an additional student for an added 30%.  So if two students wanted to learn together for 4 hours of teaching, it would be $460 + 30% ($138) = $598.  Or if you wish to share the learning experience with multiple students (more than two), just add 20% for each additional student.  If you have 3 students sharing 4 hours it would be $460 + $92 + $92 = $644.

You have 6 months to pay, if you use PayPal Credit!

Pricing For One Person:  (see above for more than one person sharing a session)

Private Teaching
2 Hours $240  
4 Hours $460 Save $20!
6 Hours $660 Save $60!
8 Hours $800 Save $160!
10 Hours $1000 Save $200!
12 Hours $1200 Save $240!
16 Hours **
(see below)
Save up to

** Special 16 Hour Option:   This special option is for those who want the ultimate photographic learning experience and are ready to start by learning a firm foundation of the basics (which I believe is essential in order to do great photography).  This is done in a one-on-one teaching environment at my studio.   We can pace the teaching at YOUR pace and according to your schedule, and after we have covered the fundamentals, we can dive in deeper into special areas of interest you have.   This Special Option can include up to three trips to locations (area parks, your home, etc.) within a 20 mile radius of our studio, to do more hands-on learning and critiquing of your progress along the way.


Studio Photography Option

What an opportunity! You can use our 1100 square foot studio to do your own photography using our Photogenic monolights, softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, and backdrops, with Kevin there to oversee and help you with setup and advice on how to get your own great shots with your camera. You retain rights to the images created for non-commercial use. Rate: $120/hr (2 hour minimum) for one photographer. For a 2nd photographer, add just $60/hr. For more photographers sharing the session, see the 'Multiple Students' section above. Provide your own model, or Kevin can line up models for you for an added fee. Also, if you need a hair/makeup artist, Kevin can line that up also!

The Next Step - Arrange Some Sessions:

For arranging private tutoring, please Contact Me and I can provide a link to a web page where you can pay online, after we discuss your specific needs and scheduling.