Photography : Private Instruction (Individual or Small Group)

We can arrange this as in-person sessions or as private Zoom videoconferencing sessions.

NEW: Check out the new "Teaching on Retainer" Option (scroll down)

Have you noticed you can buy expensive equipment and still take bad photos?  Your most important photographic investment is in learning how to use your equipment well.   The key is to learn how to USE your camera and lenses most effectively.

This provides the ultimate in personalized one-on-one attention to your specific needs and interests, while best fitting your particular scheduling requirements. 

I can do private instruction on a wide variety of photographic topics!

Who will be teaching you? Kevin Gourley - Click Here to Learn More About your Instructor

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Pricing Options


Individual Instruction Pricing
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Pricing For One Person:  (see below for more than one person sharing a session)
Private Teaching
1 Hour $125  
2 Hours $240 Save $10!
4 Hours $440 Save $60!
6 Hours $660 Save $90!
8 Hours $800 Save $200!
10 Hours $1000 Save $250!
12 Hours $1200 Save $300!
Special Teaching "On Retainer" Option (see below)
(up to 18 hours)
Save up to


When purchasing a block of time, you have one year from time of payment to use those hours, after which, they expire. All unused hours expire at the end of the one year period.

Multiple Students Can "Share a Session" and Save $$

REDUCED PRICE OPTION! SHARE A SESSION! Make it a fun small-group learning experience! If two students want to share a teaching session together, it does not cost you twice as much.  You can add an additional student for an added 15%.  So if two students wanted to learn together for 4 hours of teaching, it would be $440 + 15% ($66) = $506.  Or if you wish to share the learning experience with multiple students (more than two), just add 10% for each additional student.  If you have 3 students sharing 4 hours it would be $440 + $44 + $44 = $528.

NEW Special Teaching "On Retainer" Option

Save money - Learn even more! With this unique option, you can hire me "on retainer" as your go-to guy for photographic assistance.

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The Next Step - Arrange Some Sessions:

For arranging private tutoring, please Contact Me and we can talk about what your needs are and then I'll provide a link to a web page where you can pay online, after we discuss your specific needs and scheduling.

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