Fall Photography Fundamentals Workshop - Texas Hill Country

Learn the important fundamentals of photography in this wonderful 4-day educational workshop at a beautiful retreat center in the Texas Hill Country!

Fall Photography Fundamentals Workshop : October 27-31, 2021


  • PERFECT for beginner and intermediate level photographers
  • If you have been shooting in 'Auto' mode, you have been missing out on so many other great features in your camera. This class takes you beyond 'automatic'.
  • Have you tried reading your camera manual and found it was no help? You're not alone! This class will help more than any camera user's manual.
  • Learn the important fundamentals of photography and camera operation
  • A perfect mix of classroom learning and exploring the ranch to put into practice what you learn in class, discover what you need help with, ask questions, then learn more in class
  • Arrive on a Wednesday evening, depart on Sunday morning
  • Attend/take the workshop with a photographer friend and you can share a room to reduce costs
  • Bring along a non-photographer spouse/partner on the trip, and only pay a nominal added fee

A Photographer's Paradise at Mo Ranch in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country

  • The ranch is a photographer’s paradise on the North Fork of the Guadalupe River with hiking trails and habitats including aquatic, riparian areas, grasslands, oak-juniper woodlands and limestone hills
  • Mo Ranch offers lodging in private motel-style rooms with various bed options and a full bath. Reasonably priced around $119/night
  • Their on-site Wagon Wheel Cafe has wonderful food
  • Explore the fascinating architecture of the many buildings and old chapel on the ranch
  • You might have a chance to capture images of wildlife and birds throughout the property and along the river
  • Weather permitting, we will also try to capture some beautiful sunrise photos and for those willing to stay up late, we’ll show you how to create great images of the beautiful night sky and Milky Way (tripod required)

Join us on this fun learning experience and become a better photographer!  Space is limited! Rooms need to be booked soon!

Pricing includes photography workshop and activities.
Lodging and meals are extra.
Once you sign up for the workshop, you will be
given further information for booking your room.

You have 6 months to pay, if you use PayPal Credit!

Fall Photography Fundamentals Workshop
October 27-31, 2021

  • Choose this option if just YOU are signing up for this fun adventure
  • Arrive Wednesday Afternoon October 27, 2021
  • Depart Sunday Morning October 31, 2021
  • $599

Fall Photography Fundamentals Workshop  PLUS 1
October 27-31, 2021

  • Choose this option if a non-photographer spouse/partner is going to join you
  • Arrive Wednesday Afternoon October 27, 2021
  • Depart Sunday Morning October 31, 2021
  • $649

I have led this same workshop in other locales. Here's what participants have said:
  • "Excellent class! Kevin was great about covering the subject manner in detail. He took time with each of us, answering questions about the subject matter as well as each of our individual cameras/lenses. ... Thank you Kevin!"
  • "I came knowing nothing, other than I liked other's photography. I left the workshop with a wealth of usable knowledge, and an ability to create lovely photographs. I am very happy I went, and am excited about my new hobby."
  • "I enjoyed participating in your class very much and you inspired me to get my first DSLR camera. I'm a work in progress for sure but your class gave me the basics to take photography to the next step."
  • "Kevin is a fantastic teacher and has a great ability to communicate to all ability levels and backgrounds. He truly loves what he does and it shows. His sense of humor and positivity are great to work with. He has a great knowledge of the many camera bodies and lenses and their quirks and is able to adjust the walks in the park as the need arises due to weather because of his knowledge of the park which is a great benefit. I'd recommend this class to anyone - beginner and advanced alike!"
  • "... beautiful setting in which to hone photography skills, and having Kevin there to take us to all the best spots and provide coaching made the experience fun and valuable."
  • "Kevin's workshop was better than I had expected or imagined. First, the organization was incredible. Despite making adjustments for impromptu photo ops or lighting, everything was still organized. Having class time to review basics and apply knowledge was good as well. Kevin also allows you to be comfortable asking anything and will work with you to achieve the picture you want to capture."
Here are a few comments from my participants in my other workshops at Mo Ranch:
  • "... Kevin provides opportunities for creative exploration of the grounds and the variety of photography techniques needed; instruction is tailored to an individual's needs, and all will leave having gained some new skill and improved confidence."
  • "I had time to practice techniques and improve practices that hadn't completely clicked previously. It was great to have time to ask you questions and to be reminded of setting recommendations and why, in the field as I needed them."
  • "I loved the time in nature, and I really enjoyed interacting with the other participants. ... Really, there was nothing about the weekend that I didn't enjoy!"
  • "... Mo Ranch provided many opportunities for photography, learning/practicing new skills, hiking, enjoying nature, architecture, history, and most importantly: reconnecting with yourself and the fun of photography."
  • "Thank you so much, Kevin, for giving us the opportunity to attend such an awesome workshop."
  • "My photography skills took a solid step forward."
  • "What did I like about the weekend? Lots of photo opportunities in an idyllic setting."
  • "The best thing, though, was you as a leader, you were so patient and kind, and so helpful, whether it was a small thing or if a participant needed a lot of help. Your love of photography and helping others to love it, too, was so evident - not just a job. I don't know how much they were used, but the walkie-talkies are a brilliant addition to stay connected when the group goes off in so many directions. I've never been with a group that had that available. I was never afraid to be off by myself, and it added another layer to a stress-free weekend. I also greatly appreciated all the printouts. There is always something to learn - or refresh - and your explanations were very well presented."
  • "... pure joy--beautiful landscapes, comfortable rooms, good food, and the enjoying benefit of Kevin's extensive knowledge and exceptional teaching skills."
  • "This workshop was a fun learning environment with ultimate flexibility and a superb location. We had numerous opportunities to get our questions answered by Kevin."
  • "Wonderful opportunity to embrace photography in a relaxing atmosphere. Many interesting things to photograph."
  • "Enjoyed the weekend in the idyllic location and gained important skills in photography in the process. Kevin is a passionate and energetic teacher."
  • "I think the weekend was perfectly planned."
  • "What did I like about the weekend? The quietness. Stillness. And ability to learn one on one!"
  • "The weekend at Mo Ranch was very tranquil and magical- It was a perfect opportunity to get to learn photography on an individual basis along with the group teaching- And the ranch is a perfect setting for this workshop."
  • "What did I like about the weekend? Getting away and spending [time] roaming a beautiful camp with fellow photographers, talking photography, and relaxing from the tensions of life."

The Photography Experience

Upon arrival, Wednesday afternoon, you will be greeted by the beauty and serenity of Mo Ranch. Once you're checked in, you might explore the grounds a little and then join the group for dinner, followed by a short after dinner meeting.

We'll have a common meeting space for our classroom time. We'll do some classroom teaching followed by practice, exploring the ranch. We will be covering the fundamentals of photography, helping you learn how to better operate your camera. Then more classroom time, followed by more practice, etc. This is a great chance to get to know your camera more!

Weather permitting, you will have opportunities to go out with Kevin at night to photograph the night sky. If you're an early morning person, you can join the group to go out before breakfast and photograph the sunrise from one of the many overlooks above the Guadalupe River.

We'll wrap up our classroom activities on Saturday evening, but we will take one more shot at early morning sunrise photography on Sunday, followed by breakfast and we'll pack up and leave. Check out time is 11am on Sunday.

Would your NON-photographer spouse/partner like to join you on the trip, just to hang out, relax, and enjoy the ranch?
They can join us for a nominal additional fee of $50.

What type of camera gear should I bring?
A DSLR or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera would be perfect. Actually, all lens focal lengths from 15mm (ultra wide angle) to 400mm (telephoto) are really useful for photography at Mo Ranch. If your lenses don't cover that range, no worries at all! If those terms don't even mean anything to you, that's ok! Come with what you have. If you have more questions about that, just ask Kevin! Also, bring a tripod for any night or early morning photography. We encourage you to bring a flashlight with you also.

Is WiFi available?

Does the retreat/workshop price include meals and lodging?
No. You book that separately. Once you book the workshop, we'll give you more information about booking your room. We usually stay in their Pheasant Run hotel lodging ($119/night) The food in their Wagon Wheel cafe is wonderful!

Check in time: 4pm on Wednesday (or you could arrive a little early and just explore a bit, if you'd like, while you are waiting on your room)

Check out time: 11am on Sunday


Here are a few photos of Mo Ranch:


yes, this is a porcupine :-)