Photography: Finding Your Way - Creativity Workshop

Explore YOUR unique artistic expression through photography. Photographers at ALL experience levels can benefit from this class!

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." ~ Edward de Bono

Sometimes the best thing we can do is step back and rethink how we are doing "photography" ...

... and discover new ways to express our art!

  • This class is for you:
    • Want to expand your creative vision?
    • Want to be challenged to try new things?
    • Feeling uninspired, burned out?
    • Not sure what really inspires you photographically?
    • Need help figuring out what to do next?
    • Have you been a photographer for years?
    • Are you new to photography?
  • We "meet you where you are" and help you discover specific next steps YOU can take to improve your photography.
  • This is not a class about camera technical settings. This is a class about finding your unique expression in photography and art.
  • It will benefit any photographer at any skill level!

Morning Online Class!
Mon-Thurs Jan 25-28, 2021
+ Tues Feb 9, 2021

  • 10am-Noon CST
  • 10 Hours - Total Class Time!
  • Final Session is Sharing Results of Optional Class Project
  • YOU set the price when you register.
  • Suggested price is $249, but give a little more if you can (to help us out), or pay a little less if needed.

Evening Online Class!
Mon-Thurs Jan 25-28, 2021
+ Tues Feb 9, 2021

  • 7pm-9pm CST
  • 10 Hours - Total Class Time!
  • Final Session is Sharing Results of Optional Class Project
  • YOU set the price when you register.
  • Suggested price is $249, but give a little more if you can (to help us out), or pay a little less if needed.

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"There is no such thing as creative and non-creative people, only people who use their creativity and people who don't." - Brene Brown

Not Just Another Class on Photography

  • We'll be exploring YOUR unique path to creating the ART you would love to create!
  • Be challenged to delve more deeply into the areas where you need to grow.
  • Discover possibilities you haven't even considered!
  • Regardless of the type of camera you use, this will help you! Even if your only camera is just an iPhone / smartphone.
  • Each participant will likely come up with different conclusions on their "next steps" in photography. That's the point! The answer for what you do next is uniquely dependent on you.
  • You will have a project to work on, tailored totally to YOU.
  • Participants in this workshop are saying:
    • "Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I always believed you could not teach someone to be creative. You did it. I came home with many ideas that I could tackle that would bring my unique self to my photographs."
    • "This class is different than any other photography course I've ever taken in that it lends one to truly thinking about photography in a way that deepens the connection and benefit one gets from not only taking images, but how they interpret and share them. The material and content was diverse and thorough and ultimately Kevin assembled and presented a large collection of information that everyone can put in their personal creative toolbox and use it every time they use their camera. As usual, Kevin also provides nice outlines and a notebook to memorialize the experience and collective analysis of a topic that any photographer who is wanting to up their personal approach will take aways in a very meaningful manner."
    • "I want to tell you that the class yesterday was EXCELLENT. It is different than any other and better than most any. I have played it over in my mind many times even in the short time since it ended."
    • "Great inspiration and offerings to stretch my thinking when considering a photograph. Made me THINK! And finally a photography project to implement those thoughts."
    • "Once in awhile, as constant learner, you take a class that shifts your way of thinking and approach to a subject. I found Kevin’s course to have that affect. As an amateur and hobbyist photographer, I really appreciated Kevins approach to looking inside your self and how you view it vs. getting new equipment or going to an exotic place for inspiration. As the saying goes the change comes within yourself. I like this new approach to getting out of a rut. Kevin also demonstrated that you can take your photography to other venues of providing service . I think this helped me look at possibilities of going into a different venue for photography. That in itself was worth the class. I highly recommend this class if you want to start carrying your camera again and just start shooting. Great course."
    • "Kevin presented a rousing, creative program that really enabled me to visualize a host of new directions for me move that will give me more joy in my photography. He helped me 'take my blinders off.' Now it's apparent that there is a universe of new ways to help make my photos more meaningful TO ME!"
    • "I felt the thoughtful, caring attitude that was projected not only by the teacher but students was the strong point. I very much liked the huge number of thought provoking suggestions and the videos were delightful but more than that they got the points across."
    • "I like the stimulation to get out of my photographic rut(s). Showing me innumerable examples of different photographic approaches was very helpful. But mostly, I liked your non-critical, non-directive encouragement for me to find more satisfying ways to enjoy photography."
    • "I have been on a number of workshops with Kevin, which were all amazing, but this was exceptionally different."
    • "a chance to consider new ideas and approaches, a chance to try new things"
    • "I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for new sparks or wanting to push yourself in new ways creatively and technically."
    • "really helped me to look at my photography in a more emotional way rather than being so concerned about technical aspects"
    • "I loved the projects and homework we were given to apply the information after leaving the workshop"
    • "It was a fantastic experience."
    • "Kevin's creative ideas for sparking photographic enthusiasm and the opportunity to think about project ideas, and go out and photograph with that new philosophy, made holding a camera in my hand new and exciting again."
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Sometimes the best thing we can do is STOP what we are doing and reflect on what exactly SHOULD we be doing. Dream big.

"A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety."
- Ansel Adams

You know how to use your camera, but the real challenge is taking the next step beyond camera "settings" to discover the art you yearn to create. The answer lies in a mixture of technical skills, artistic skills, 'seeing' the world in new and different ways, applying a mix of photographic techniques with computer digital imagery techniques.





If you have any questions about whether this workshop is right for you, just Contact Kevin!


This class was orginally called the "Rekindle Workshop" but we changed the name to better explain what this class is really all about! :-)