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Photography Essentials Class



Special limited offer:
I realize this COVID-19 crisis is impacting everyone financially in different ways. I decided to show a suggested price but I'll let YOU name the price you pay when you sign up! Give a little more if you can (to help us out in these challenging times since this pandemic has had a devastating effect on our studio business) or pay a little less if needed. The price you pay is totally up to you!


Morning Class!
Tuesday+Thursday May 4+6, 2021

  • 10am-Noon CST
  • YOU set the price when you register!
  • Suggested price is $49, but give a little more if you can (to help us out), or pay a little less if needed.

Evening Class!
Tuesday+Thursday May 4+6, 2021

  • 7pm-9pm CST
  • YOU set the price when you register!
  • Suggested price is $49, but give a little more if you can (to help us out), or pay a little less if needed.
Kevin's Classes - Rated 5 Stars! ***** - Students Are Saying...
  • "This was the first time I took Kevin's class "Photography Essentials". The online format he designed is very interactive, the "follow along" presentation slides are easy to understand, and you get to keep them for future reference. I am absolutely ecstatic about the experience. Kevin's teaching style is great, I could finally understand the technical concepts I was struggling with. I was able to figure out all that was wrong with my photo taking after this class. I will definitely be taking more classes, and I highly recommend it. I also have his book '30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs'. Great resource!!"
  • "I have enjoyed your courses and will take more of them. You are a terrific instructor."
  • "I had the opportunity of participating in one of Kevin’s online Photography Essentials classes.  Kevin has adapted to online seamlessly.  He has an excellent command of technology and prepared very well to be able to present via Zoom.  Time spent in a chair at a computer was perfect for hearing his explanations, which were a perfect combination of some of the science behind photography, basic principles, and operational tips to put it all into practice.  There were a couple days between presentations for practice which was perfect.  Kevin is a solid photographer with clearly excellent depth and breadth of knowledge.  Yet he is able to perfectly tune the information he shares to fit the class without being overwhelming or too simple.  EVERY person at the end of the class made some kind of comment about understanding better than they did before.  Kevin is calm and patient in his teaching and NEVER makes a comments about having said something before.  He meets photographers where they are and instantly shifts the level of teaching to meet the needs of individual students, even with a broad level of experience in any one particular class.  As I don’t live in Austin, this has given me a great opportunity to learn from Kevin online.  I’m off to sign up for more classes…"
  • "I enjoyed the presentation and the class really helped me bring some concepts into focus."
  • "Kevin's expertise, material and presentation techniques all work very well with Zoom. I won't hesitate to take additional classes via Zoom."
  • "Kevin has done a great job in organizing the class content. He makes great effort to ensure we understand before moving onto the next step. Kevin doesn't just provide some tips, he makes sure we know how and understand why, which is very helpful. Thank you so much, Kevin!"
  • "Kevin has so much experience and great tips for every issue you could possibly think of. He doesn't only teach the theory, I could really tell that he actually DOES what he's talking about - these are real tips from a real photographer."
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Class Format

All sessions are online using Zoom video conferencing. (This is very easy to use.)

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