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I Am . . .

Hey there! Thank you for checking out my website! This may be more than you wanted to know, but this IS my "About Kevin Gourley" page, after all, so here you go!

I Offer... Skills and Experience

  • Years of experience as a full-time professional photographer with a full-service studio in NW Austin, Texas
  • Comprehensive expertise in a diverse range of photography, camera, lighting, and photo editing skills
  • Extensive experience educating photographers at all skill levels from first time beginners to full time professionals, through private teaching, as well as group classroom teaching in the Central Texas area, plus fun destinaton workshops in multiple states.
  • Broad experience with different brands of cameras including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Fujifilm, and Leica.
  • My clients are Priority 1: Dedicated to serving my client's needs
  • Services consistently rated 5-stars ***** by my clients

Many Things

I am many things... a husband, a son, a father, a brother, a grandfather (aka "PawPaw"), a friend, a pro photographer, a teacher, an author, a software engineer, an electrical engineer, a person of faith, and someone who believes we all are obligated to do what we can to make this world a better place. At Kevin Gourley Photography, I am the CEO, COO, principal photographer, customer service department, editorial staff, advertising, marketing, communications, computer support, human resources, maintainer of replacing/charging the batteries for all of my electronic devices, and last but not least, the cleaning team.

Photographer and Instructor

I imagine you mostly want me to talk about my photography here, so I'll say a little more about that aspect of my life. Photography is not just my "interest" or "profession." Photography is part of who I AM and it is my full-time profession.

I have loved photography for decades, first educated in the mid 1970's in the art and science of photography, darkroom processing in B&W and color, studio photography, etc. I loved everything about it and still do! I was addicted to wonderful Kodachrome slide film, but fully switched to digital photography a couple of decades ago.

I am a teacher at heart. The first photography class I ever taught was in 1977. Over the decades, I have taught many photographers in Texas and beyond, and have organized numerous local photography interest groups.

My personal tie to photography reaches way back to before I was born. My grandfather and great grandfather were both professional photographers in the late 1800's and early 1900's. So you might say it's "in my DNA."

I am a full-time professional photographer with a full service studio in NW Austin, TX and teach photography both privately and in group workshops. I offer a wide range of very popular photography classes in Texas and and destination workshops in other locales such as Colorado and Oklahoma. I have helped photographers at all skill levels from first-time beginners to full-time professionals, and I have worked with a broad range of brands of cameras and photographic equipment.

The particular areas of photography I love most are nature, wildlife, landscapes, any images with "dramatic" lighting, and all aspects of studio photography, headshots/portraits, and a mix of edgy, creative, and occasionally a bit of wild photographic imagery.

Fundamentally, I consider myself a "student of light." The qualities and characteristics of light make the photograph. George Eastman best described light this way: "Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography." That pretty much sums it up.

I am proficient with a variety of photography software tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, and love producing creative images in Photoshop. I also teach these skills in my classes.

More nerdy info about me: I have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and worked in the Austin, Texas high tech community for many years as a software engineer. My education, background, and experience in both photography and computer graphics have prepared me well for this age of digital photography. (My grandfather and great grandfather would be so amazed at what we can do today!) I have loved being a part of the evolution of the computer graphics world and digital imaging of today. Waaay back in 1981, I was involved with, and was the official photographer for, SIGGRAPH '81. SIGGRAPH is a computer graphics conference that is instrumental in shaping our world of computer graphics and digital imaging.

Rather Than Me Talking About Me, Here's
What Others Are Saying About Me and My Work

  • My Photography
    • "Kevin is one of the very best portrait photographers I have encountered in my 40+ years around the Austin photo scene. When you see his work it's obvious that his clients have a ball working with him; he's a great guy and he knows his stuff. Five stars for sure." - Jon Leatherwood
    • "For those of you who don’t know Kevin, he is one of the top pro photographers in Austin." -T.B.
    • "You did an absolutely fantastic job, the photos are great. ... Thank you so much for your hard work on this."
    • "I can't begin to tell you how happy and grateful we are... You by far surpassed our expectations in every way. Thank you for your amazing professionalism and masterful skill."
    • "We received the photos today. They are fabulous! Thanks so much for the professional job that you did . . . We will certainly be a repeat customer at some time in the future."
    • "I am really impressed with your business and your exceptionally creative eye. The photos were a real winner!!"
    • "I am normally pretty nervous in front of a camera but you made me feel totally at ease! In fact the session was actually fun!"
    • "I recently hired Kevin Gourley to take some commercial photos for our company’s marketing brochure. Our office is in NY, but we needed someone in Texas. I found Kevin Gourley’s website and decided to give him a call; I’m glad I did! He was very professional and went out of his way to accommodate our tight schedule. The photos turned out great! A wide variety of crisp, clear, bright shots. I would hire Kevin again with no hesitation."
  • My Teaching
    • "Kevin, I am so very grateful for the day that your name popped up as a result of an internet search! You have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the photography process from camera operations through Lightroom through Photoshop, not to forget the inspiring class on ‘Finding Your Way’. Perhaps there are others who possess similar knowledge, but you have moved so far beyond the knowledge base and have presented excellent classes in spite of the pandemic isolation. By adapting to a new way of teaching (during the pandemic vis Zoom) you have been able to reach those of us who would not have been able to attend your in-person classes. Speaking from personal experience, I have never known an ‘instructor’ who is more knowledgeable or more prepared and willing to share what you have learned. The preparation that you have done; the handouts you have created; the manner of presentation are far above you peers and demonstrate your amazing knowledge base. My hope is that others have been and will be as inspired as I by the depth of experience that you so willingly share. Thank you, Kevin!" - Penny
    • "You have taught me to look at the world differently. You have encouraged me to do better and be better. Looking through the viewfinder, I have found details that in the past I had never taken the time to notice. You have given me a whole new perspective. Thank you so much."
    • "Seriously Kevin has changed my thinking of photography. He is patient, understanding and has humor. His classes are so unique and definitely helpful. Thank you."
    • "This was an outstanding class in all respects. Many thanks for your cogent presentation and outline. I look forward to other classes and workshops you teach."
    • "Kevin is AMAZING!!!" - Vanessa
    • "Great instructor... I learned so much!" - Pam
    • "Excellent instructor! Funny and incredibly informative. Highly recommend his classes for anyone looking to advance their skills." - Sara Bogan
    • "I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to do more with their camera. Kevin removes the intimidation factor and encourages you to do new things and learn from your mistakes."
    • "Kevin Gourley is a confident entrepreneur, brilliant, artistic, thoughtful and accommodating photographer and instructor! I recommend him with utmost enthusiasm! Learning photography is not easy it's a whole new language and skills sets that requires patience, practice, problem solving and a good instructor. Kevin has all those qualities. ... I am so grateful because I leave his studio inspired and with the tools I need to be successful."
    • "The best thing was you as a leader, you were so patient and kind, and so helpful, whether it was a small thing or if a participant needed a lot of help. Your love of photography and helping others to love it, too, was so evident - not just a job."
    • "I have truly enjoyed the classes I have taken with you and feel you are both an incredible teacher and photographer."
    • "Kevin has so much experience and great tips for every issue you could possibly think of. He doesn't only teach the theory, I could really tell that he actually DOES what he's talking about - these are real tips from a real photographer."
    • "You are a magnificent teacher!!"
    • "I have taken classes in the studio and have had the opportunity to be in Rocky Mtn. National Park with Kevin. You can always count on Kevin to deliver understandable content, be attentive to your questions and needs. I highly recommend Kevin as a consummate professional and better person." - Dennis Ellis
    • "I have taken several classes from Kevin. Kevin has to be one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of having. His knowledge of photography is second to none. He has a way of teaching that makes everyone feel comfortable and have fun learning. You will love his class!!!"

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