Studio Photography Workshop with Model Kaylee Lartigue - Deaf Girl Evolution

HELP US HELP KAYLEE! Join us in this fun photo shoot in our studio in NW Austin and photograph Kaylee Lartigue!

Kaylee has been doing activism work within her local Deaf community for 3 years under the name Deaf Girl Evolution. Kaylee attends rallies to support her community, she speaks at schools to educate hearing students on different deaf-related topics, she participates regularly at her school districts monthly board meetings, and most recently she has started attending the Texas Governors Committee on People with Disabilities board meetings. 

Kaylee strives to empower her peers and hopes to make positive changes so the younger generations of kids who are Deaf and hard of hearing don’t have to struggle for basic accommodations the way she did. 

In May of 2019 Kaylee started her own 501(c)3 nonprofit called Deaf Dreams which she plans to use to help people who are Deaf and hard of hearing follow their dreams and to give people access to technology that they may not have due to lack of health insurance and/or finances. 


Studio Photogaphy Workshop
Photograph w/Kaylee Lartigue

  • Wednesday Nov 6, 2019 6:30pm - 9pm
  • $125
  • Be one of 4 photographers to take advantage of this special opportunity! Create your own beautiful images with Kaylee!
  • Most importantly: 100% of the proceeds (* minus Paypal credit card transaction fees) go directly to Kaylee.

Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops

Kevin offers a wide range of photography workshops. He's been teaching photographers for decades! In his studio in NW Austin, Kevin offers classes for both beginner and advanced photographers. Kevin also believes that photographers should find ways to use their gifts to make a positive difference in the community.

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Also... you are invited...

We are hosting a separate event at our studio on Monday November 25th where Kaylee will be our guest speaker!
6:30pm we'll have a potluck (bring a food item to share)
7pm Guest Speaker: Kaylee Lartigue

Learn more about Kaylee and the work she is doing to help others who are Deaf / hard of hearing.