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HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography Workshop

Enhance your photographic skills with these very useful techniques!

Learn High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

HDR photography is a combination of camera techniques and software post-processing to create images with expanded dynamic range, retaining details in both the highlights and shadows.

You can create some REALLY COOL PHOTOGRAPHS with these techniques!

In this fun class we will cover everything you need to know to create your own great HDR images!

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Tuesday December 10, 2019

  • 9am - 6pm(ish) with break for lunch
  • $249
  • Space is limited. Registration is on a first-come basis.

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Why HDR?

This technique opens up new possibilities in your photography! Whether you use it to render realistic images of scenes with a brightness range that is not achievable through traditional exposure techniques or push your photography a bit into a the realm of "artistic" and creative, you'll definitely benefit from adding this to your set of photographic skills!

Without using HDR techniques, an image
will suffer from either lost shadow details
or lost highlight details. or both.

Using HDR techniques, you can retain
details in the highlights AND the shadows!

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You Will Learn


In order to take this workshop, you will need:

HDR Software

You can create HDR images just using Photoshop or Lightroom, but there are also some other great plugins you can use, such as Photomatix Pro by HDRsoft and Aurora HDR Pro by Skylum.

There are free trial versions available. You don't need multiple HDR programs. Different people have different preferences on which they like, based on the images they can create and ease of use etc. I like using multiple programs though because they each are useful in their own way!

Here are the websites for:

Class Format

For a daytime or weekend class:

This workshop begins at 9am with classroom discussion at my studio in NW Austin where we will cover the technical aspects of how to do HDR photography. Then, we will take a break for lunch (we have several restaurants nearby, or you can bring your own, or go eat as a group). Then we will go out and do an HDR photo shoot somewhere nearby to put our skills into practice. Following the photo shoot, we will return back to the classroom to process our images and cover any further questions. The approximate end time is around 6pm.
Class size is limited!

For 2 day evening classes:

On the first evening, we will cover all of the technical aspects of how to do HDR photography. All work will be done in classroom, in my studio in NW Austin. On the second evening, we will go to a location to do an HDR photo shoot and then will return to the classroom to work on the images. (It might run past 8pm depending on our progress.) 

Keep in Touch!

Once you have been a student of one of my classes, you are invited to future photographer social get-togethers at my studio (for free), such as our Potluck Slideshows that are held at the end of every Photography 101 Workshop.   Also, as a former student, you are welcome to email me any time with any other photography questions.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 21 days prior to the class start date, will receive a refund of the workshop fee minus a $40 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 7 to 20 days prior to the class start date, will receive a refund of the workshop fee minus a $75 cancellation fee.  Sorry, no refunds will be made for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the class start date. Your registration for this class indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions.


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