Learning by Doing


Join us monthly for the ‘6×6 Photography Workshop’

This is a unique and fun opportunity for 6 photographers to participate in this program where we meet to work on a totally different photographic project each month for 6 months (usually). Learn some new skills and try new techniques with your fellow photographers.

Student Comment: "I love the diversity of the projects. It was so much fun!"

You have 6 months to pay, if you use PayPal Credit!

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We add more classes throughout the year, based on student interest.

More About Our Activities

Who can participate?

It depends on your current photographic knowledge. You should have a DSLR or MILC (mirrorless) camera and have general knowldege about exposure modes such as manual, aperture priority, etc. If you are unsure if thisis a good fit for you, simply email me at

If I determine your knowledge level isn’t quite a fit for this yet, I might refer you to one of my other classes first. But don’t be discouraged. I want to help you learn! So if you are interested, contact me and we’ll talk about it! You don't have to be an "expert" on photography to take this class. The point of taking this class is so you can learn more and create some great images and have some fun!

Perfect Gift for That Photographer in Your Life!

Give this class registration as a gift to your photographer loved-one or friend!  I can provide a nice gift registration notice you can give as a present! Just click to register for the class, and make sure you select the option that indicates you are purchasing this as a gift for someone else. If YOU want someone to give this as a gift to YOU, start hinting now! :-)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 21 days prior to the workshop start date, will receive a refund of the workshop fee minus a $49 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 7 to 20 days prior to the class start date, will receive a refund of the workshop fee minus a $99 cancellation fee.  Sorry, no refunds will be made for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the class start date or for classes you miss during the 6 months. Your registration for this class indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions.