Learning by Doing

Flash / Speedlight Clinic - Austin, Texas

Bring your camera and flash/speedlight(s)!

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Learn How to Best Operate Your Electronic Flash / Speedlight

Do you find flash photography challenging?

Rather than just being a classroom session where we TALK about doing flash/speedlight photography, in our "Learning by Doing Series", we do it!

We'll cover a few important details in my studio first, and then you'll be shooting with your camera and flash/speedlight and learn how to better operate it and manage exposure. Of course this is just a one-evening class, so we can't cover everything there is to know about flash photography, but this should have you up and going with better flash pictures!

This class is ideally suited for anyone wanting to take better flash photographs.

Student Comment: "I've been to several workshops and Kevin's is by far the best in terms of practical learning and experience you can use every day."