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Our Rocky Mountain Photography Adventure

We are SO much looking forward to our Summer and Fall Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops!


We are down to our final few days when you can sign up for the Summer Workshop and take advantage of our $200 Early Registration Discount (ends May 1st)!

Some great benefits of joining us on our photographic adventures into Rocky Mountain National Park :

  • We’ll be going into the park at the best times to get the best light for landscape photos and better wildlife photo opportunities.
  • I have many years of experience in leading photographers into this magnificent national park.
  • Since I operate my photo workshops within the National Park legally, my business conforms to all park requirements and we have permits that allow our group to enter the park whenever we want without having to make reservations weeks ahead through their “Timed Entry Permit System” that vacationers must use. This is a huge advantage! ūüôā
  • Here are more reasons to join us… the many photo opportunities and adventures you’ll enjoy with us!

Photographers: Our Fabulous Rocky Mountain Adventure Awaits YOU!

Join us in the Rocky Mountains of
Colorado this Summer or Fall!

Here are 16+ reasons to join us this year!

There are so many reasons to join us this year on our Rocky Mountain Photography Workshop, including some reasons you may not have even thought of or considered!

  1. Time to get out there! Many of us have endured over a year of being locked down and restricted in our activities due to this pandemic.  Now we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and an ever increasing number of people have been vaccinated!  Make this your escape into the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors! We still keep your safety a priority!
  2. You’ll have so many¬†great photo opportunities to capture great landscape, waterfall, and wildlife¬†shots.
  3. We optimize our adventures into the park to be at the best times for the best light and best wildlife possibilities.
  4. Our¬†groups are intentionally kept small. In fact, this year, we are keeping them a little smaller due to “social distancing” requirements and we care about you having a safe and fun experience as¬†we follow National Park guidelines.
  5. Some people say they don’t like Rocky Mountain National Park’s “timed entry permit reservation system” to limit access to the park¬†by region¬†and by reservation only, a month or two in advance.¬†¬†That is not a concern for our group.¬†¬†Our group has a special permit and we are free to go into the park, wherever we want, whenever¬†we want without getting a timed entry permit!
  6. Some people are concerned about all the historic fires that damaged portions of the¬†park last year.¬† Yes, it was heartbreaking to see those fires in our favorite place on earth, but the¬†vast majority of the places we visit in the park were totally unharmed¬†by the fires!¬† The one exception is the Grand Lake area, but we’ll still visit that area. The truth is, fires are part of the natural life cycle of forests.
  7. We have¬†many years of experience¬†in leading groups on these fun adventures.¬†¬†We’ll have more fun adventures this year!
  8. We have great respect for this national treasure we know as Rocky Mountain National Park.  We have always followed all National Park and federal regulations and have required permits and authorizations to operate our workshops within Rocky Mountain National Park. (Anyone who offers workshops within the park but do not follow their requirements are in violation of federal law. Not only do we offer great workshops, we do them legally!)
  9. Our workshop offers over 40 HOURS of learning and photography adventures.
  10. Also two included pre-trip online meetings to help you be fully prepared for the trip plus a post-trip get-together, plus new special add-on options.
    • Optional:¬†Photo Post-Processing/Editing Techniques Online Class
    • Optional:¬†Nature Photography Techniques¬†Interactive¬†Online Class
  11. SAVE $200!  We have held open our EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT pricing past the deadline to encourage YOU to sign up soon!
  12. Summer:
    • Group A: July 10-13¬†ONE space available
    • Group B: July 15-18¬†ONE space available¬†
  13. Fall:
    • Group A: Sept 18-21¬†ONE space available
    • Group B: Sept 23-26¬†Sold Out¬†
  14. TIME IS RUNNING OUT as lodging options start filling up!
  15. If you don’t want to fly there, make it a driving adventure!
  16. Still not convinced? Read the reviews from many of our past participants!



If you have ANY questions or are “sitting on the fence” and are almost ready to sign up, but just haven’t made that final decision yet, LET’S TALK!¬† Fill out my contact form!¬† I am happy to answer any questions you might have!¬†¬†Let’s turn a “maybe” into a “yes”¬†before these options go away!


LAST CHANCE to Take Advantage of These Special Offers!

Don’t miss out on our final special pricing.

Scroll down to read the full story about the changes we’re making, AND make sure you take advantage of our special offers on pricing¬†before these opportunities end!

Our Pandemic Special Reduced Prices AND “Name Your Own Price” options are coming to an end!


Photography: Finding Your Way
Creativity Workshop

Whether you are just starting out in photography or you have years of experience, this class will meet you where you are and help you find new directions to head to discover your unique artistic expression in photography! THIS IS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO TAKE THIS CLASS AT SUCH A LOW PRICE!  Why take this class??  Read the reviews on the web page.  Former class participants tell you in their own words why this is a must-take class.

  • Class Starts Next Week!
  • Evening Class: Mon/Wed April 12+14+19+21 +May 3, 2021

Lightroom Classic CC Class
Learn how to organize and enhance your photographs with this powerful program!

  • Evening Class: Tues/Wed/Thurs April 27+28+29, 2021

Photoshop for Photographers Class Series
Learn important Photoshop editing skills and features all photographers need to know in these interactive online classes.

  • Photoshop Level 1+2 NEWNow offered as a combined course!
    • Evening Class: Tue/Thu May 18,20 + Tue/Wed/Thu May 25+26+27, 2021

We encourage you to take both of these classes:
Photography Essentials + Photography Essentials Level 2!

  • Photography Essentials Class
    Start your photography learning here! Or take this course as a refresher on the important fundamentals of photography. Learn important photography essentials! Up to 4.5 hours of learning in this online video conference!
    • Morning Class Tues+Thurs May 4+6, 2021 10am-Noon CDT
    • Evening Class Tues+Thurs May 4+6, 2021 7pm-9pm CDT
  • Photography Essentials¬†LEVEL 2¬†Class
    If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is the next step we’d recommend!¬†Or take this course as a refresher on additional important fundamentals of photography.
    • Morning Class Tues+Thurs May 11+13, 2021 10am-Noon CDT
    • Evening Class Tues+Thurs May 11+13, 2021 7pm-9pm CDT

Remember we have several great destination workshops planned this year!
Safe and fun outdoor experiences for photographers!

2021 Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops
A fabulous photographic adventure in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado.

Texas Bird Photography Ranch Workshop
Friday-Sunday October 15-17, 2021
Sunday-Tuesday October 17-19, 2021
Sharpen your photography skills in bird photography at a fantastic wildlife ranch near Uvalde, TX. RECENTLY ANNOUNCED, SPACE IS LIMITED TO JUST 5 PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Photographers Spring 3-Day Weekend Getaway
in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country



FIRST OF ALL, I want to express how grateful to ALL of you who have taken our classes.  We survived the most unimaginable year in 2020.

When our world turned upside down due to this pandemic
, my business faced challenges I never imagined.  It was devastating to my studio photography business, and I had to (almost overnight) re-tool all of my teaching to be online.  I had to navigate through so many hard choices in cancelling or rescheduling classes and destination workshops. Many thanks to all of you who were so understanding about that.  Every month has frankly been a struggle as we have placed a priority on your safety in following federal and local guidelines in dealing with this pandemic.

I realize our little business was not the only local small business that suffered and struggled to survive. When we participated in the GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fundraiser Initiative, I was deeply humbled and amazed at the support from so many of you. All I could say was “wow.”  We could not have made it without you

Helping Our Community:  If you have ever been a client of mine, you know me, and you know I very much believe in giving back to the community and I have devoted a lot of effort in helping many others in the community in their attempts to make this world a better place. We continued to keep this as a priority, even during the entire pandemic.

As a part of my helping the community, I took a leap of faith¬†and set up all new classes at¬†much reduced prices¬†AND I set up a pricing model where for many of the group online classes, you could “Name Your Own Price” as my way of helping out any of you who, like me, found this past¬†year to be a painful financial struggle.

All good things must come to an end:  I have decided it is time to starttransitioning back out of “pandemic mode” and wanted to let you all know, the classes I am currently offering at reduced prices and/or the classes where you can name your own price are the last ones I will be offering at this special pricing!  For some of these classes, you will never see prices this low again. 

Check out all of our upcoming classes.  We’ll be adding more, but the ones currently offered still are using our “pandemic special pricing” and we’d love to have you sign up.  (Plus we really could use the business right now.)


Thank you all!
Kevin Gourley

Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops РSupport Local Small Business РServing the Community 


Join Our Photographic Adventure in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado!


We’ve had a rough year with COVID-19 but we’re starting to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.” We had reduced our group sizes for our Summer and Fall Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops to better accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, which were SOLD OUT, BUT we are now able to open up one additional space in our groups, so NOW is YOUR chance to join us on this safe and fun marvelous photographic adventure.


If you love photography, nature, wildlife, and spectacular mountain vistas, you’ll love this workshop. We have led this workshop for years and would love to have you join us this Summer or Fall.


Most of our workshop participants fly to Denver and then rent a car. I live in Austin, TX and I usually drive. We really enjoy the drive there. Check out my blog post: “Making it a Driving Adventure.



  • “The Rocky Mountain Photography Workshop turned out to be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Rockies while learning with a small group of incredible photographers. I learned every day both from Kevin and other photographers in the small group.¬†I cannot imagine a better opportunity than this workshop¬†for photographers who love nature and want to hone their skills.”
  • “Kevin guided us to a variety of¬†great photographic places¬†when the lighting was ideal. We were able to photograph beautiful lake and mountain sunrises, a lot of wildlife including moose and many herds of elk. Kevin knew when to be at different areas when there were the¬†best chances to see wildlife. Thanks Kevin for a great trip.”
  • “Kevin is an¬†excellent workshop leader. He takes you to the best spots at the right time and gets you set up to get your best photos.¬†Highly recommend.”
  • “The workshop was¬†outstanding¬†because we had¬†total access to Kevin and Gail’s knowledge¬†and experience in photography. We were presented with¬†multiple shooting locations¬†and lighting situations from which to learn. Kevin was¬†always available to provide advice and help¬†resolve any problems with camera settings or answer questions. The availability of¬†daily photo reviews¬†permitted one to make any adjustments to shooting techniques before the next day. This was the¬†most hands-on learning experience I have had¬†and I look forward to more with Kevin.”

Love Nature Photography?

If you love nature / wildlife / landscape photography, please join me in my upcoming Nature Essentials Photography Class.

Support our small business! We'd appreciate your help! This has been an incredibly tough year for our studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Take this class to help support our local small business AND learn some great techniques to get better nature shots!

If you are planning any travels to beautiful places this summer, be prepared to get great shots!

  • Learn great tips for better nature / wildlife / landscape photographs!
  • 3 Hours – Online Interactive Class where you can interact and ask questions any time!
  • Topics Covered:
    • Strategies for better nature photographs
    • Preparation and timing
    • Most useful camera settings and modes
    • Lens selection
    • Composition
    • The Importance of Post-processing / Edits



Buying a Better Camera Does Not Make You a Better Photographer

The real key to better photography is more about YOU than it is about your CAMERA. Sure, camera features matter, but what matters more is how you use your camera and how well you understand the fundamentals of photography.

There’s the old joke about a person who invites friends over for dinner. The food was wonderful and the guests all enjoyed the meal. At the end of the evening, they said to the cook: “That was a wonderful meal! What kind of pots and pans did you use?”

As photographers, our “pots and pans” are our cameras and lenses, etc. I am not saying our camera gear is unimportant. I am just saying what matters more is how you use them.

Or as Ansel Adams said: “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”

The key to better photographs is about YOU:

  • Know the fundamentals of photography and all the technical aspects of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal lengths, white balance, etc.
  • Understand your camera features and use the right settings at the right times
  • Become an avid student of LIGHT, all aspects of light, qualities of light, ways to manipulate light, mixing light, creating beautiful light
  • Always strive to be better, always learning, always growing

I am a full time pro photographer with a full service studio in NW Austin, and have years of experience helping countless numbers of photographers learn the fundamentals and then progress further, growing in their knowledge and skills. I have many former students who have gone on to be professional photographers.

I would love to help YOU in your journey to become a better photographer.

Check out my upcoming group classes and also remember I offer private instruction as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Gourley


moving beyond our week in the snow

We’ll soon be moving beyond our week in the snow and ice. What a week it has been! I hope you have all been safe, and I hope your trees and water lines didn’t suffer too much damage. (We had lots of tree damage at my house.)

Hard to believe it may be in the 70’s this weekend!

Looking ahead, remember I have several great photography classes coming up next week!

Lightroom Classic CC Class
An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
Learn how to organize and enhance your photographs with this powerful program!

  • Evening Class¬†Feb 22+24+25, 2021 6:30pm-9pm CST NEW DATES!

Photoshop for Photographers Class Series
An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
Learn important Photoshop skills and features all photographers need to know in these interactive online classes.

  • Photoshop Level 1: Mon/Wed Feb 22+24, 2021 10am-Noon CST
  • Photoshop Level 2: Mon/Wed/Fri March 1+3+5, 2021 10am-Noon CST

Online Course: Nature Essentials Photography Class
An online interactive webinar where YOU set the price to attend!
Let’s explore how YOU can create better nature / wildlife / landscape photographs! Kevin Gourley has years of experience leading many photographers on workshops in stunning Rocky Mountain National Park and other locales.
If you have taken my Photography Essentials Class or Photography 101, this is another great next step we’d recommend!

  • Tues Feb 23, 2021 6pm-9pm CST

Photography Classes as Holiday Gifts! + New Classes Added!

YES, any class registration may be designated as a gift for someone else! (It is an option on the class registration form!)  A Photography Class may be the perfect gift for that photographer in your life! (Or maybe for YOU!)

Why choose Kevin’s classes over any other?
Read what class participants say! CLICK HERE!

Give yourself the best photography gift! Sign up for our FINDING YOUR WAY photography workshop! This class will benefit any photography at any skill level from beginner to full time professional!
We urge you to sign up for our FINDING YOUR WAY photography workshop!

Black Friday – YOUR Best Deals!

Ok, I have to admit, I just HAD to post something about “Black Friday.” I mean, that’s what all the businesses are doing right now, offering Black Friday specials.

I have been offering something better than just a deal on Black Friday! Since this pandemic began, I have offered the best deals possible to all of you! Most of my online classes have been offered where YOU SET THE PRICE!

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER: My thinking was (and is) that this pandemic has been pretty tough on us all, in different ways. For some, this has taken an emotional toll as we have been separated from “normal life” and maybe from our family members. For others, this has taken a financial toll. You may have lost your job or our business. For still others, this has not had a negative financial impact. We are all facing the same pandemic, but we are not all impacted in the same ways.

Even though this pandemic has had a severe impact on my studio photography business, I decided back in April to make my online classes available to all with a “suggested price” but YOU get to choose the price you pay.

  • If you can’t afford very much right now, pay what you can, and that’s ok.
  • If you can afford to pay a little extra to help out my little business, and are so inclined to do so, then do that.

Instead of my Black Friday special, maybe I should call this my Black Year special!

It kind of seems appropriate. ūüėČ



Start Your Photography Learning Here!

Ready to learn photography & master camera skills to produce the images you have been wanting to create?

Start with my Photography Essentials class beginning in December! There is no better place to start your photography learning journey!

Morning Class Tues+Wed Dec 1-2, 2020 10am-Noon CST
Evening Class Tues+Wed Dec 1-2, 2020 7pm-9pm CST

My best endorsements are the comments from my class participants!

  • “This was the first time I took Kevin’s class “Photography Essentials”. The online format he designed is very interactive, the “follow along” presentation slides are easy to understand, and you get to keep them for future reference. I am absolutely ecstatic about the experience. Kevin’s teaching style is great, I could finally understand the technical concepts I was struggling with. I was able to figure out all that was wrong with my photo taking after this class. I will definitely be taking more classes, and I highly recommend it. I also have his book ‘30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs‘. Great resource!!”
  • “I had the opportunity of participating in one of Kevin‚Äôs online Photography Essentials classes. ¬†…¬†He has an excellent command of technology and prepared very well to be able to present via Zoom. ¬†Time spent in a chair at a computer was perfect for hearing his explanations, which were a perfect combination of some of the science behind photography, basic principles, and operational tips to put it all into practice. ¬†… ¬†Kevin is a solid photographer with clearly excellent depth and breadth of knowledge. ¬†Yet he is able to perfectly tune the information he shares to fit the class without being overwhelming or too simple. ¬†EVERY person at the end of the class made some kind of comment about understanding better than they did before. “
  • “Kevin is calm and patient in his teaching and NEVER makes a comments about having said something before. ¬†He meets photographers where they are and instantly shifts the level of teaching to meet the needs of individual students, even with a broad level of experience in any one particular class. ¬†As I don‚Äôt live in Austin, this has given me a great opportunity to learn from Kevin online. ¬†I‚Äôm off to sign up for more classes‚Ķ”
  • “I enjoyed the presentation and the class really helped me bring some concepts into focus.”
  • Kevin’s expertise, material and presentation techniques all work very well with Zoom. I won’t hesitate to take additional classes via Zoom.”
  • “Kevin has done a great job in organizing the class content. He makes great effort to ensure we understand before moving onto the next step. Kevin doesn’t just provide some tips, he makes sure we know how and understand why, which is very helpful. Thank you so much, Kevin!”
  • “Kevin has so much experience and great tips for every issue you could possibly think of. He doesn’t only teach the theory, I could really tell that he actually DOES what he’s talking about – these are real tips from a real photographer.