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Making a Difference in Our Community: Guest Speaker David Dauber

This is part of our series on people making a positive difference in our community! We open up our studio on Monday nights for all kinds of fascinating programs. This isn’t about photography. It’s about LIFE!

Who: Guest Speaker David Dauber
When: Monday December 16th 7pm
Where: Kevin Gourley Photography Studio,
11740 Jollyville Rd. Suite 400, Austin, TX map
Price:  Always free, all are invited!

David Dauber is passionate about making a difference. He recently took on the role of Accessibility Specialist in the Civil Rights Department of the State of Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) in Austin, Texas. Since 2007, David has been a co-producer, performer, writer and promoter of The Gene and Dave Show, an often-comical glimpse into the lives and lifestyles of people with disabilities which airs on Austin’s local public access television station and worldwide via an internet site with the same name. The Gene and Dave Show has been awarded two Media awards from the City of Austin Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities and a Telly award.  Their website also received a first-place award during one of Knowbility’s internet accessibility competition.
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RSVP by sending an email to

If you’d like to bring a party finger-food / snack , you are welcome to, but not required.

On Monday nights, we host various guest speakers, and book/video discussions, dinner outings, etc. throughout the year!  Anyone’s invited.  We’d love to have you join us.  We call the group LifeInsights

Some of our recent speakers include:
  • Kaylee Lartigue: Kaylee progressively lost her hearing as a young child but never let that hold her back.   She’s an activist advocating for the Deaf community. More info:  Deaf Girl Evolution. In May of 2019 Kaylee started her own nonprofit called Deaf Dreams to help people who are Deaf and hard of hearing follow their dreams and to give people access to technology that they may not have due to lack of health insurance and/or finances. 
  • Matt Freeman: Spiritual Director for Mobile Loaves & Fishes – Community First! Village
  • Deborah Cole: MSF, LUT  Author of Forthcoming Book: “Letting Go: How Less Becomes More”
  • Nichola Cotto: Photographer and founder of an amazing organization:  We Are Not Broken
  • Bill Schoening: Radio Voice of the San Antonio Spurs helping make a positive impact on men incarcerated in Texas prisons.
  • Kelly Jones: Founder of Unbridled Connection – Creating Connections Between Horses and Humans 
  • Fiona McInally:  The Missing Connections in the Fight Against Poverty
  • Darius Pettway: Darius is working to restore opportunity to young adults by providing them with tools of leadership, self-empowerment and conflict resolution. He is a published author and founder of Walls of Life.

Anyone is invited to attend!  RSVP by sending an email to


Guest Speaker: Kaylee Lartigue – Deaf Girl Evolution

December 9th!
6:30pm Potluck / Bring a food item to share
Guest Speaker
Kaylee Lartigue

Kaylee progressively lost her hearing as a young child but never let that hold her back.   She’s an activist advocating for the Deaf community. She started Deaf Girl Evolution and strives to empower her peers to advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people. In May 2019, she started a nonprofit organization called Deaf Dreams seeking to help young people who are deaf to achieve their dreams.  She’s an excellent student and is pursuing one of her own dreams: modeling.

Where: Kevin Gourley Photography Studio
11740 Jollyville Rd. Suite 400, Austin, TX 

RSVP to if you would like to attend!  Or email me if you have any questions.

Even though we have posted this on our photography blog, you do not have to be a photographer to attend this!  It is open to anyone!
This is hosted as part of our LifeInsights group.  Learn about more LifeInsights activities CLICK HERE!


Fun Event: Friday Nov 1st – Campfire Drum Circle and Picnic!

Friday November 1st- Join us for a FUN EVENING! 
A Campfire Drum Circle & Picnic at South Wind Equestrian Center
in Leander!

A great time of community building and fellowship through drumming and storytelling brought to you by Mary Oliver and David Owens.
  • Mary is a certified HealthRHYTHMS facilitator and a graduate of Village Music Circles facilitation training. She taught visual and performing arts in Kentucky for more than 30 years before relocating to Austin. She is also an instrument maker, making instruments from gourds, and she currently teaches arts programs to adults with disabilities in Austin.
  • David is an author and storyteller from Kentucky who brings to life the stories of his Cherokee grandmother – the “Tales of the Thunderbolt People”. His Native name is Ta-wo-dii, Red Hawk. He is a former history teacher and Kentucky State Military Historian and is a member of the Worldcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. David is a member of the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky and both David and Mary are members of the Southeastern Kentucky Shawnee.

Kelly Jones with South Wind Equestrian Center is generously offering to host this at her Ponderosita Ranch in Leander.  Thank you Kelly!!  

No experience is necessary at all! 

When: 6:15pm Friday November 1st

Where:  South Wind Equestrian Center

Ponderosita Ranch
15214 Faubion Trl, Leander, TX +1 512-689-7793
If some of you might want to carpool out there, let’s talk.  We can make a plan to do that, if there’s interest. Click on the RSVP link below to let me know.

Or email me if you have any questions.

Please bring:

  • Suggested donation of $10 to cover expenses of the presenters
  • Bring a picnic if you like!
  • If someone would like to bring fixin’s for S’MORES, let me know!  
  • Water bottle or any desired beverage; They have fresh cold water to refill your water bottles if needed
  • Chair, close toed shoes, flashlight
    (They have simple plastic chairs, so you’d probably want to bring something more comfortable.)
  • Instruments are provided or you can bring your own
  • Bring your cameras (and tripod?) if you’d like to take some photos while there.

Even though we have posted this on our photography blog, you do not have to be a photographer to attend this!  It is open to anyone!
This is hosted as part of our LifeInsights group.  Learn about more LifeInsights activities CLICK HERE!