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Lemonade and Angels

You know the old saying, “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade?” Well much of the U.S., including those of us in the Texas Hill Country, are experiencing a lot of cold icy weather descending upon us. I hope you all stay safe out there. The roads can be pretty dangerous and there are lots of fallen trees due to the freezing rain. 🙁 Above all, be safe.

If you’re staying safe, let’s have some fun! If we do get all this snow that they’re predicting, let’s make lemonade out of the “lemons.” Or in our case, let’s make SNOW ANGELS! Or make a snow man (snow person?) and photograph it. Or photograph a snowball fight! Or just do something creative with your camera involving snow, icicles, etc.

Two ways of sharing:
Email me your best snow shots at and we’ll share your photos on my blog and social media. Let’s have some fun! Be creative!
Share on social media with the hashtag #ourdayinthesnow