Featured Photographer: Monita G. Harrison

In our Featured Photographer series, we highlight the work of our former and current students!

Your Name: Monita G. Harrison 

Type of Camera: Canon EOS 80D

What do you love to photograph the most?
Well as a child I always took pictures of objects or animals with my first camera which was a hand me down from my father in 1992 with a flash cube. The noise and the end result was different. It appealed to me. But honestly when I was lucky enough to catch a person smiling was the beginning of my love for catching human interaction photos. I definitely love scenery and people. Yes given the opportunity to show someone what they can look like in a photo and putting that smile on their face is priceless for me. So it’s my favorite thing to capture those moments for others. 

What is one thing you have learned that has improved your photography? 
Lighting.  Yes I am self taught. Never had the chance to find a classes near my town to learn and grow has hindered my growth in photography. Until one day I stepped outside my box and took a course with Kevin’s workshop on lighting which has literally changed my life in such a positive way. I’m way more confident now behind the camera. To really understand how light works inside camera to outside in what you see. To see your work come alive from through the lenses to on the computer to the actual photo. It’s pure magic to see. Lighting is key. Everyone has a preference in what they like but if you know the basics of lighting, you can be confident in what end product you come up with. Its art. Lighting can turn into art.  It’s beautiful to choose your own unique look. All by the lighting you choose. 


Advice you’d give to others wanting to grow in their photography skills:
Try not to be so hard on yourself.   Leave the pride at the door and be willing to learn something new or different ways, to make mistakes. I am glad I took bad photos at first so I could be challenged to do better and find out what I was doing wrong.   In any competitive career like photographers, you either always learn or stay stuck in one way of photography. Some are ok with staying one style. That’s ok. But those who want to grow or stay in it long run, growth in our education in photography is key. Never stop learning. Oh and also be kind hearted toward other photographers. We all are learning and have unique ways we do our photos which are art to us. Leaving good seeds of kindness will go along way. 

Monita G Harrison

Model: Ella Rose Hall
Model: Ella Rose Hall
Model: Dillian Lalor

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