Special "Encore" 2023 Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops just for you!

Many thanks to all of you who have responded, wanting me to offer our Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops one more year.

We are celebrating a DECADE of wonderful adventures in breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park! We are hosting these workshops one more time in 2023 as our final year!

As I am approaching a timeframe in life where I am thinking about retirement sometime in the next few years, we had intended 2022 to be our final year for the Rocky Mountain Workshop, but based on requests from many of you, it is clear many of you are wanting us to offer one more special "encore" year for our Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops! So, it's happening!

MORE INFO: Scroll on down this web page for more info about the workshops!

Sorry we filled up almost instantly once we opened registration!
We are SOLD OUT for 2023!



    • Summer (Only one workshop)

      • 4 Day Workshop Wed July 19 - Sat July 22, 2023 - $1299
        • SOLD OUT!
        • Arrive on Tues July 18 with a free pizza / meeting that night
        • 4 days of photography adventures
        • Cookout on Fall River
        • Check out on Sunday July 23 (or stay an additional day or two just to relax or explore on your own)
    • Fall (Two workshop options, with Group B a little different format)

      • Fall Group A 4 Day Workshop Sat Sept 16 - Tue Sept 19, 2023 - $1299
        • SOLD OUT!
        • Arrive on Friday Sept 15 with a free pizza / meeting that night
        • 4 days of photography adventures
        • Cookout on Fall River
        • Check out on Wed Sept 20 (or stay an additional day or two just to relax or explore on your own)

      • Fall Group B SPECIAL 6 Day Workshop Thur Sept 21 - Tue Sept 26, 2023 - $1499
        • SOLD OUT!
        • Arrive on Wed Sept 20 with a free pizza / meeting that night
        • Special: 6 days of photography adventures at a little slower pace
        • Cookout on Fall River
        • Check out on Wed Sept 27 (or stay an additional day or two just to relax or explore on your own)

** Workshop price includes all workshop activities, materials, course notes, etc. plus pizza on first evening and cookout.
Transportation, lodging, and all other meals are extra.


  • Our workshops have been so much fun with numerous participants coming back and doing them again 2, 3, even 4 times.
  • Participants are saying: "outstanding workshop" - "most organized photography workshop I have ever attended" - "truly wonderful experience" - "best workshop I have ever attended" - "a workshop you can't afford to miss!" - "amazing experience" - "5 star experience from beginning to end!" - more...
  • The workshop includes:
    • Over 40 hours of photographic adventures and learning (for the 4 day workshop format)
    • Two pre-trip meetings (usually online, depending on where people are coming from) to help you prepare for the trip
    • Optional Additional Help - with two special added pre-trip learning opportunities on camera techniques and/or Lightroom Classic CC photo image editing/ enhancement techniques if you need the extra help/preparation
    • Complimentary pizza for our evening meeting on night before workshop adventures begin
    • Complimentary burger cookout (with all the fixin's) on Fall River
  • You'll go as a photographer, but you'll return with a lot of great photographs, cherished memories of our many adventures, and a new set of photographer friends
  • We limit our groups to be small
    • Usually with a limit of 6 photographers (Summer group sometimes can expand to 7)
    • Bring along one adult non-photographer spouse/partner for our outings including our cookout on Fall River, etc. for free!
    • We will carpool for all of our adventures into the park. This arrangement has worked out very well for the past decade.
  • What is the difference between Summer and Fall in Rocky Mountain National Park?
    • Summer (July)
      • More large wildlife (like elk) in the higher elevations for mountain scenics in the background
      • Typically more water flow in the rivers and waterfalls from mountain snow melt
      • Wildflowers throughout the park
      • Sometimes patches of snow may remain in some parts of the park and mountains
      • Sunrise is earlier so we have more time to go into the park and explore before the vacationers wake up and enter the park (this is surprisingly valuable)
      • Excellent wildlife photography opportunities
      • Most of our activities are in the morning hours with afternoon down time and opportunities to review your photos and get help from Kevin
    • Fall (September)
      • Wildlife such as elk have moved down into the lower elevation meadows during their mating season called "the rut." You'll get lots of wildlife photography opportunities with herds of elk
      • Water flow in the waterfalls and rivers might be less as snow melt has subsided
      • The wildflowers are mostly gone; the grass fields have all turned golden brown, but the aspen all begin "turning" stunning colors of yellow/gold/orange
      • We go out a little later in the morning than the summer group because sunrise happens later
      • We often also go out again in the mid/late afternoon to photograph the wildlife for a couple of days
      • There is always a possibility we might get an early snow blanketing the park in white (which is quite beautiful, and the roads are easily drivable)
    • Both Summer and Fall are great experiences! Which is my favorite? Both! It's just amazing how much the park changes in just 8 weeks between our Summer and Fall Group!
    • Our "Home Base" and lodging will be at Castle Mountain Lodge, conveniently located just 2 miles from the entrance to the national park, right on the banks of Fall River. They offer a variety of pricing/lodging options from motel style rooms to cabins of various sizes with full kitchens. Once you register for the class, I will follow up with info about how to book your lodging.
    • Are Our Adventures Physically Demanding? We don't hike any of the more difficult trails in RMNP. This is not a hiking-intensive workshop, but we do some hiking. But remember, we will be at higher elevations with thinner air. Typically the most we might hike on any one day is 3 miles round trip (425 ft. elevation gain), but it might vary with the group's needs. If you are not in good phyisical condition, we recommend you start doing some daily walking (which is good for you anyway). If you have any serious health concerns, you might want to check with your doctor first. Or contact Kevin for more info, if you have any questions.

Optional Add-ons for These Workshops

When registering, you can choose to include these optional add-ons:

  • $49 Photo Post-Processing/Editing Techniques Online Video Class
    • Taking the photo is only half of the process in creating great images.
    • This is a 2-hour online learning video where I cover useful photo editing tips and techniques for post-processing your images using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC (including the NEW AMAZING AI features that have been added).
    • Each year I create a totally new video using the latest version of these Adobe products.
    • Learn various effective methods for enhancing your images and producing the best results for all the great photographs you are going to be taking in Rocky Mountain National Park!
    • These tips are focused on landscape, nature, and wildlife photographs.
    • Includes demonstrations of other useful plugins and HDR processing techniques.
  • $99 Nature Photography Techniques Class on Sunday 2:00-4:30pm 5/21/2023 (for Summer), 8/6/2023 (for Fall)
    • Be even MORE prepared for the trip!
    • We'll cover many helpful tips, lens considerations, camera settings for nature photography including:
      • landscapes
      • wildlife
      • birds
      • waterfalls
    • Great option to add if you want to be more prepared when you get to Rocky Mountain National Park to get great shots!
    • For anyone who cannot attend the meeting in person at our studio in Austin, TX, no worries! We will also make it available online!

"A 5 star experience from beginning to end..."

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Enjoy Activities with Other People Who Love Photography, Just Like You!

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** Kevin Gourley is authorized by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, through a Commercial Use Authorization Permit to legally conduct workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.