New Painting with Light Workshop Added

Painting With Light

Since our December 4th Painting with Light Workshop sold out so quickly, we are adding another one on Sunday January 15th 1:30-6pm.  Register early and SAVE $20!   Space is very limited for this very fun workshop!


Student Comments:

  • “This was an absolute blast. Kevin’s sense of humor kept us laughing and his creativity kept us in awe. It was wonderful to get in there with the other class members and play with light! He keeps the class size small so we have a lot of hands-on learning and fun.”
  • “Your Painting with Light class really opened my eyes to a whole new way to take pictures. SO FUN!”
  • “Kevin’s “Painting with light” class was a blast. I have taken various classes from Kevin so far and this one was my favorite. It’s one of those classes that promotes creativity, provides hands on experience for each student, and the class is so fun that it ends before you want it to. Not only was it fun to watch the model being painted, but equally as much fun to see what each student ended up with. Kevin is passionate about taking photos as well as teaching photography to others. He’s kind, compassionate, respectable, and displays an abundance of patience with his students. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to take fun and creative photos in a friendly, safe environment.”

Rekindle Workshop Just Announced!

Rekindle Workshop

We just announced our first Rekindle Workshop for 2017!  It is a unique and inspiring workshop for photographers.  This will be 5 weekday sessions beginning February 20th, 2017.

Sometimes we reach a point where we just need to pause and reconnect with…
… why we fell in love with photography!

  • You might have reached a point where you feel uninspired, ‘burned out’, or just feel like you have lost that spark of creativity.
  • Maybe you just don’t feel good about the images you are creating, like they’re ‘missing something’.
  • Perhaps you need some fresh ideas to help you grow as a photographer.
  • Or you are new to photography and even though you know the fundamental technical stuff, you want to explore more of the artistry of photography.

This workshop will help you rediscover your love of photography and how you see the world around you.  It will help you work your way past creativity roadblocks you may be experiencing.   Join us for this special workshop.  Register soon and take advantage of our $20 Early Registration Discount!



Photographing the “Super Moon”? Better Do It Soon!

Hi Photographers!

Many of you have already been out there photographing our rare “super moon” event!

Make sure you join our MyBestPhotography Facebook Group and share your best moon photos with us!

The best way to grow in your photographic skills is to go out there and use your camera.  Have you never taken a good photo of the moon before?  Well it’s time to make some changes, and figure out how to do it! I wrote a recent article about photographing the moon that should help you get the settings in the right ballpark.

Have fun!


P.S. If you need to learn more about photography, check out my upcoming classes offered in Austin, Texas!

P.P.S. If you didn’t see my earlier blog post about photographing the moon, here’s the link:

Supermoon November 14, 2016


New ‘Learn by Doing’ Workshops

I have added a new set of workshops to my lineup of learning opportunities.  I call them ‘Learn by Doing’ Workshops!

If you know a bit about photography but you want to get out there and practice while you learn more, then these workshops are for you!

Go to this web page to learn more and to let us know what YOUR interests are!!  We want to hear from you!

Click Here:


Supermoon November 14, 2016

Remember we have a rare event coming up on November 14, 2016!  It will be the largest we’ve seen in nearly 70 years!  Get out your cameras and photograph this rare event.

I recently posted an article on my website with lots of useful information for photographing the moon, and about this upcoming supermoon in particular.  Go here to the full article;

Have fun!

Kevin Gourley




Hi!   Thanks for checking out my new blog.  I am WAY overdue in adding a blog to my website, but here it is … FINALLY!   Whenever you create a blog for a website, then it is one more thing to do, one more thing to update and keep fresh.  I have been so busy, this will just make me a little busier, BUT  I want to keep in touch with so many of you who have participated in my classes, I decided this is a good way to do that.  I’ll post information about interesting facts about photography, occasional how-to articles, and updates about my upcoming workshops and classes.  I will also feature the work of some of YOU from time to time.  I want to celebrate YOUR photographic successes on here also!

So, thanks for being here.  I hope you’ll keep coming back!

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