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Another Painting with Light Workshop Completed!

We just finished another Painting with Light Workshop last evening.  We had a lot of fun, as usual!  Lots of creativity.  Lots of crazy activities with time and motion and light.  I have included in this post a few images from this most recent workshop.

Painting with LightA student from last night’s class said:

“The Painting with Light class was so much fun! Kevin had lots of ideas to start with but he entertained students ideas also which made for some great photos.”

You’re in luck!  If you wanted to take this class but didn’t sign up before it filled up, you have second chance!  We have another Painting with Light Workshop scheduled for January 15th! 

kg20161204_016 Painting with Light
Here are a few images from our participants in the most recent workshop!

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Photography: Painting with Light Workshop is So Much Fun!

ALERT: January 15 Painting with Light Workshop is ALMOST FULL! REGISTER SOON AND SAVE $20!  Plus participants and our former Painting with Light Students get to participate in a FREE fun activity with a PixelStick on January 18th!

Of all the photography workshops we host, one of the most fun ones is our Painting with Light Workshop! I keep the class size small, limited to only five students. After a couple of hours of teaching the concepts and techniques, the LIGHTS GO OUT and we do some Painting with Lightreally fun photography with a professional model.

Every participant gets involved in the creativity, as we produce all kinds of fun and sometimes wild images using time and light and motion.

Student regularly say this is the most fun photography workshop they have ever participated in.

Painting with LightHere’s what students are saying online:

  • “This was an absolute blast. Kevin’s sense of humor kept us laughing and his creativity kept us in awe. It was wonderful to get in there with the other class members and play with light! He keeps the class size small so we have a lot of hands-on learning and fun.”
  • “Your Painting with Light class really opened my eyes to a whole new way to take pictures. SO FUN!”
  • “Kevin’s “Painting with light” class was a blast. I have taken various classes from Kevin so far and this one was my favorite. It’s one of those classes that promotes creativity, provides hands on experience for each student, and the class is so fun that it ends before you want it to. Not only was it fun to watch the model being painted, but equally as much fun to see what each student ended up with. Kevin is passionate about taking photos as well as teaching photography to others. He’s kind, compassionate, respectable, and displays an abundance of patience with his students. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to take fun and creative photos in a friendly, safe environment.”
  • Click Here for More Student Comments

Painting with Light

Painting with LightPainting with LightPainting with LightPainting with Light