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The article title sums up my highest priority of my business (Kevin Gourley Photography and KG Photo Workshops) over the past 15 years. My focus has been on the people I serve, whether I am doing photography for them, or teaching photography to them.

I have always placed the people I serve as a higher priority than maximizing profits, growing sales, or treating them all as just numbers on a spreadsheet.

I have organized numerous Austin wide photography groups over the years to help (several thousand) photographers. I have supported countless non profit organizations, and have helped many individuals who are making a positive difference in our community. We opened up our studio on Monday nights for free for the past couple of years to just bring people together as a way of getting to know our neighbors more and engage with the community around us.

When this pandemic turned our world upside down, last year many of you demonstrated totally unexpected overwhelming generosity through our GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative campaign, and I will always be eternally grateful for that.

I decided to go the extra mile in helping others through this hard time by offering several lower price class options and changing our pricing model for many of our classes using a “name your own price” option if people could not afford the suggested price due to their own financial hardships from this pandemic.

We also made seemingly endless hard decisions in how we navigate through all the many COVID-19 safety recommendations and requirements imposed by local, state, and federal entities. We were forced to cancel or postpone almost all of our destination workshops in 2020, and we decided to temporarily just offer online options for our group classes, and while we are open for business for studio sessions, we are doing so in a way that is totally respectful of the guidelines of the CDC and believe mask wearing and social distancing are wise at this time, until medical experts indicate otherwise. Of course this has been hard on our little business, but we are determined to make it through this. We are a local small business. We are not sponsored by any large corporations. We do not run fancy radio and TV ads. We’re just a little photography studio trying to make a positive impact in our world.

Maybe we are starting to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.” We are cautiously optimistic.

With all that said, I wanted to ASK A FAVOR from you all. We ask your continued support and help us spread the word about our classes.

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