Years of Experience

I have years of experience in photography and teaching. Falling in love with photography a LONG time ago (48 years ago), you might say it was my “first love.” As an avid photographer, I started out in the days of film photography, first using a Pentax KX SLR. I shot so many rolls of Kodachrome 64, Kodacolor II, Panatomic-X, Plus-X, and Tri-X, and spent countless hours doing black & white and color processing and printing.

Even back then, with all of my work with film, I was fortunate enough to also gain a lot of experience with digital imaging in college, as I was working on a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (1980-1982). While most of the world had yet to even hear about digital imaging, I was having nerdy fun doing things like writing software to raster scan a laser over chrome-plate glass substrates to digitally generate negatives!

When the rest of the world eventually transitioned over to digital photography, I was already well versed in understanding the technology, so it was an easy transition for me.

Teaching photography was also a part of my life for years. My first photography class I ever taught was in 1977. These days, teaching photography consumes a lot of my time, in addition to doing photography professionally out of my studio in NW Austin.

I have found that my years of experience in both doing photography and teaching photography have complemented each other very well. The more I have taught, the better a photographer I have become and I have gained a lot of experience with a vast array of camera makes and models over the years. The more I have worked as a full-time pro photographer has helped me as an instructor, especially when teaching other pro photographers.

I enjoy working with photographers at all skill levels from first-time beginners to full time professionals and everywhere in between.

My main point in writing this is just to say what I have to offer to you all: experience. I have learned a lot of lessons along the way, and I am happy to share all I know with my students, and I have loved my years as a full time photographer.

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Kevin Gourley

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