Waiting for “normal”

This long endurance test imposed on us by COVID-19 is making us all weary. Here I sit in my studio that once had a thriving business with all sorts of activities happening in here each week, and now it mostly sits as an empty space, void of activity for the past 6 months with no end in sight. Of course there is the stress of monthly payments of rent, utilities, phone, Internet, security monitoring, insurance for this space I am hardly using.

Our studio is technically open for business and we are carefully following CDC recommendations and protocols but the demand is just not there right now for studio photography. So we are just hanging on, and waiting for better times while picking up a little business here and there.

I will be forever grateful to all who extended helped us out with our GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative Campaign. Your help was a life-saver for our small business.

Even though this has had a hard impact on my studio photography business and in-person classes, it have not been sitting around idle, waiting for better days. I have been working hard, scrambling to add all-new online classes to replace our many in-person classes I used to teach at my studio.

In a sense, we are reinventing ourselves to adapt to the new normal, just as many other businesses have had to do, such as restaurants who have had to alter their services to focus on take-out orders or curbside pickup. (I haven’t figured out how to do curbside headshots, but maybe I need to!) People are giving good reviews of our new online classes and we will continue those.

Also as an effort to help out others who have been feeling the financial crunch of this pandemic, all of our online group classes are set up where you can name your own price. We give a suggested price, but you can pay a little more to help us out, or pay a little less if you are financially struggling also. This plan has worked out very well.

Also our FREE Monday night LifeInsights group continues to meet, but we are doing so online via Zoom meetings.

Even though we are adapting, I still so much look forward to “normal” life again.

I guess I just want to say… “I miss you all.”

Here are a few photo memories of great experiences. My career has led me to meet to many truly wonderful people.


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