Rocky Mountain Fall Photography Workshop Well Under Way!

We’re having a great time in our Rocky Mountain Fall Photography Workshop!  Aspen are gradually turning this year, revealing fall colors.  We’ve seen elk, deer, moose, pika, coyotes, mountains, rivers, cascades, waterfalls, sunrises and many photo opportunities!

I hope you’ll join us on either our Summer or Fall Rocky Mountain Workshop in 2018.  Register soon though.  It is filling up fast with just a few spaces left in each group.  If you register by October 1st, you can save up to $100!

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Group A – wonderful group of photographers!

Aspen on a beautiful sunny day!

We experienced some snow in the upper elevations. This is Long’s Peak.

Beautiful falls and cascades



Only a few wildflowers are left by now.

Elk are so fun to watch in the Fall

Splashes of color in the Aspen trees


Bighorn Sheep


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