You Can Change the Background

With a few Photoshop edits, you can alter the appearance of an image, changing the color, brightness, as needed.  I just wanted to mention that, just in case you hadn’t thought of that!

For this image, it was originally shot against a green backdrop.

For this quick example, I intentionally did not do any super dramatic changes, like totally substituting a different background. These are just some super quick edits all made within about 3 minutes max.

Here are the steps I used in Photoshop:
(You’ll have to know a bit of Photoshop terminology for this to really make sense. 🙂 )

  1. I used the menu item Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color command. Then after I used the eyedropper to select the green background I simply shifted the Hue and Luminance sliders until I achieved the color I wanted.
  2. I just did a few quick edits to remove one of the catch lights in her eyes using the Brush tool, and then some quick Clone Stamp edits to clean up a few hairs, followed by a tiny amount of small cleanup of very minor blemishes using the Healing Brush (her skin is amazing anyway though!).
  3. Finally I created an Adjustment Layer (choose any type, really) and change its Blend Mode to Multiply. Then I used a black brush on the Layer Mask to removed the effect of that layer mostly in around the top half of her body to provide a nice vignette.  That’s all!

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