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A Halloween Idea – Free Halloween Photos in Your Neighborhood

Hi photographer friends!

I wanted to put this idea out there.  How about offering free Halloween photos for your trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood!  I did this for a few years in my neighborhood and we had a blast!   It was so much fun!

It’s a good idea to get parental permission for this, so keep that in mind.  I just obtained their contact info and then provided their free photos on the web a couple of days later.  I also did a costume contest as well where people could vote on the best costume. Come up with your own fun ideas to make this even more memorable!

Halloween is such a fun time for kids.  Why not offer your photographic skills to help families remember those fun times?

Beyond Halloween, there are all kinds of ways you can use your photography to make a difference in the community. Here are a few ideas (click here), but know the opportunities are all around you! Be creative!

I believe community involvement is a great way to improve our community! Here are various organizations I have donated my time to over the years (click here).

I hope you have a happy and fun Halloween!

Kevin Gourley