Black Friday – YOUR Best Deals!

Ok, I have to admit, I just HAD to post something about “Black Friday.” I mean, that’s what all the businesses are doing right now, offering Black Friday specials.

I have been offering something better than just a deal on Black Friday! Since this pandemic began, I have offered the best deals possible to all of you! Most of my online classes have been offered where YOU SET THE PRICE!

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER: My thinking was (and is) that this pandemic has been pretty tough on us all, in different ways. For some, this has taken an emotional toll as we have been separated from “normal life” and maybe from our family members. For others, this has taken a financial toll. You may have lost your job or our business. For still others, this has not had a negative financial impact. We are all facing the same pandemic, but we are not all impacted in the same ways.

Even though this pandemic has had a severe impact on my studio photography business, I decided back in April to make my online classes available to all with a “suggested price” but YOU get to choose the price you pay.

  • If you can’t afford very much right now, pay what you can, and that’s ok.
  • If you can afford to pay a little extra to help out my little business, and are so inclined to do so, then do that.

Instead of my Black Friday special, maybe I should call this my Black Year special!

It kind of seems appropriate. 😉


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