Need Help with Lightroom Classic CC?

Get the most out of this excellent program for organizing, managing, and editing your photographs!

In private one-on-one online sessions where you can share your computer screen, working directly with YOUR computer (remotely), I can help you with the many questions users often ask, such as:

  • How to best set up / configure Lightroom Classic CC including setting up your catalog and destination folders for importing photos
  • How to use Lightroom Classic CC with one or multiple external hard drives
  • Avoid some of the mistakes people sometimes make that get them in trouble
  • Help sort out problems you might have encountered where you have accidentally moved or renamed folders and lost track of where the images are by doing so outside of Lightroom, and caused some problems. I can help you fix it!
  • Cover different organizational approaches to explore what best works for YOU
  • How to best use the excellent keywording features in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Learn to use the powerful image editing features in this amazing program

You can arrange a session with me by looking here to see how my online private teaching options work CLICK HERE

And then email me at and we can talk about the best days/times that work for you and arrange a session (or more)!

Kevin's book "30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs" is available in print and on Kindle devices!

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