Featured Photographer: Emily Spencer

In our Featured Photographer series, we highlight the work of our former and current students!

Your Name: Emily Spencer

Type of Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 70D

What do you love to photograph the most?   I shoot for the simple love of photography—so my favorite things to photograph are what I am doing at the moment; from traveling around the world, hiking or four-wheeling around Colorado, playing at the Lake in Austin, attending sporting events, exploring cities or just enjoying my backyard—Great Photographs are all around you!

What is one thing you have learned that has improved your photography?  Really understanding the settings on my camera and how they all work together.

Advice you’d give to others wanting to grow in their photography skills:   Hands down – taking photography classes with Kevin.  From his group classes to his workshops to private sessions.  His approach to teaching photography is a great balance between the technical and artistic aspects of photography.  He taught me how my camera really works, how to edit my photos for the best results and how to take that knowledge out in the field with me all while being mindful of my creative vision. Kevin is a true mentor and is so opened with sharing his exception knowledge of photography.

Kevin's book "30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs" is available in print and on Kindle devices!

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