If anything, these past 12 months have been a reminder of many things we may have taken for granted.  All it takes is to remove those things, and then we realize how much to be grateful for:

  • the ability to be with friends (unmasked)
  • to have income and be working in a business that has not been shut down (or to be enjoying retirement)
  • to be able to afford to buy basic items for survival
  • to participate in worship services (in person)
  • to be able to have a vaccine for a new virus- to be able to turn on your water and have water flowing out of the faucet
  • to have that water be drinkable
  • to have heat in the cold weather
  • to be able to flip a switch and your room has light
  • to be able to take a hot shower
  • to be able to leave your home
  • to be able to drive in a car (not just walk)
  • to have fuel readily available for your vehicle
  • to have streets cleared of ice
  • to have working traffic lights
  • to have emergency personnel on call to rescue you if you are an in accident
  • to have a crew of professionals working 24/7 in bitter cold, sleet, snow, rain to repair power lines or water mains while you wait in the comfort of your home (at least more “comfort” than what they were enduring)
  • to be able to go to the grocery store and find basic food needs stocked on the shelves
  • to be able to get medications or go to the hospital and to find a crew of medical professionals there waiting to help you 
  • to have friends and neighbors who watch out for one another and help each other through crisis
  • to have access to communications through cell / phone / Internet / radio / television the list could go on and on…

    But remember, with all we have been through, there are MANY people in our community and the world who have none or very few of the things on the list above.   For most of us, the loss of the things above have been an inconvenience, maybe even a major inconvenience, but for others, not having those things is a way of life.

    In everything give thanks.  Even be thankful for the painful reminders of all the things we weren’t being thankful about.

P.S. Support local small businesses! There are many (including mine) that were totally shut down for over a week. :-}

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