Loving Rocky Mountain National Park

I have been leading photography workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park for years and I have been in love with that park ever since I was a child. Watching the recent fires sweep through portions of the park has been deeply heartbreaking. So many of us Rocky Mountain National Park lovers have been watching news reports, posts on social media, and getting text messages and photos from friends in the area, holding our breath as we witness the place we love burn.

We are so grateful for the heroic efforts of the thousands of firefighters who fought valiantly the raging fires to save structures and to try to hold back the spread through the park. We are so sad to see the damage in the Kawuneeche Valley, especially in the Grand Lake area. Our hearts go out to the people of Grand Lake and Granby. The town buildings of Grand Lake were saved but still so many homes were destroyed and so much of the area around the town burned.

While the fire spread through the park, carried by high winds, and fueled by so many pine beetle damaged trees, there is still so much of the park that has not burned. The fire is still not under control but at least has diminished quite a bit because of the much welcomed heavy blanket of snow.

Several people have asked me if the places we visit in our Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops have all burned up. The answer, thankfully, is no. In fact, MOST of the places we visit were spared by the fires. The hardest hit area that we do visit is the Grand Lake area.

What about 2021’s Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops? Yes, most definitely we will be doing the workshops again in 2021!

Currently we have reduced the size of our group as part of a COVID-19 restriction, but we could enlarge our size again, depending on how this whole COVID-19 thing pans out by next Summer and Fall. We consider your safety to be important and we believe we can do these workshops within local and federal guidelines. (We’ll always err on the side of precaution/safety rather than carelessness.)

In spite of the pandemic and in spite of the fires, we have an even greater resolve to ensure we do the workshops again in 2021 to help support the local economy for our friends in Estes Park and Grand Lake.

We pray the fires get under control and further damage is limited in our favorite place on earth.

Kevin Gourley

Kevin's book "30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs" is available in print and on Kindle devices!

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