Reaching Back a Few Years

I have loved photography for quite a long time, since my high school days over 40 years ago. I wholeheartedly dove into photography, learning everything I could, sharpening my camera skills, then learning B&W and Color darkroom techniques. I did my own film developing and printing. I did studio work, portraiture, landscapes, nature, really all aspects of photography, all while in my teen years. I even taught my first photography classes back then as well!

In a nostalgic way, I sort of miss those days when we created images on film and had to wait to see the results after the images were developed, and I miss the long hours spent in the darkroom. It was truly a different craft than what photographers do today. I miss it, but I’m not ready to go back to shooting with film. It is a bygone era, except for a few folks who are going “retro” and having fun with film, exploring the world I knew so well so many decades ago.

Looking back on all of my wonderful experiences with a camera in hand, I am grateful for the memories. I’ve included a few images, below, that I created wayyyyy back when I was a teen.

In whatever type of photography you pursue, I hope you find the part of it that you LOVE.

Kevin Gourley

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