When Life Feels Totally Out of Your Control

I can definitely affirm my life is “not going as planned” for this year. I bet most of you can relate! There is so much going on in the world around us right now, so much stress, so much hardship. We face so many unknowns about our health, our future, our jobs, our businesses, our economy, our lives.

Basically all we can really do is make the best of the situation, whatever it is. The truth is, we never really DID have control over most factors in our lives. Sure we have control over the choices we make, at least to a degree. But really, most of the time, we move along with an illusion that we have things under control. We assume life will go on, but it might not. We assume our loved ones will be with us, but they might not. We assume we will have the same job tomorrow we had today, but we might not. We just assume so much will be the same tomorrow as it is today.

Then something big happens. We lose our job. A pandemic hits. We are diagnosed with cancer. Whatever it is, we have those moments where we suddenly face a new reality. Some refer to those times as a “rude awakening.” I don’t know about you, but I would prefer “soft gentle awakenings” rather than the rude awkenings.

Either way, maybe it is a good thing to be “awakened” from time to time. We might just start to see how much we have taken for granted in our lives.

We need to find ways to navigate through these hard times, and we don’t have to do it alone. For me, my faith is an important part of my life (I’m a Christian). I find God really has to slap me on the side of the head from time to time to get my attention. And usually if I pay attention, I learn something I needed to learn. (Maybe I am a slow learner.) 😉

For others of different faiths, I suspect your faith is an important part of your life also. And for some, if that’s just not something that’s a part of your life, I respect that . We are all different.

I think we all have opportunities where can agree the world would be a better place if we loved one another more and I think we ALL need each other to get through these challenging times.

If your life feels totally out of control, or if you are like me and the isolation we are all experiencing is getting old and you just need to talk to others. I want to invite you to join our LifeInsights group that meets (virtually) on Monday evenings. ALL are welcome, regardless of your world view, religious affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, or political leanings. We just get together, put aside differences, and do book discussions, TED Talk watch parties, invite fascinating guest speakers, or sometimes just hang out together in a virtual “happy hour” and share what’s going on in our lives.

We’d love to have you join us, any time!

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LifeInsights group and current schedule?

Stay safe my friends. Remember you don’t have to go through all this alone.

With gratitude for each day, even the hard ones,

Kevin Gourley

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