Ready to Embark on Our Fall Rocky Mountain Photography Workshop!

We’ll be heading off to Colorado next week for our Fall Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops!

I am really looking forward to meeting up with all our great participants for our Fall adventures! We’ll be photographing landscapes, waterfalls, beautiful Aspen as they turn yellow/gold/orange, and wildlife. 

What makes this an “adventure” is always just the unpredictability of the weather and wildlife and nature.  I know we’ll find wildlife, but can’t say where until we are there!  I know the places and times that will give us the highest likelihood of great wildlife shots, but we won’t know what we’ll get until we get it. This element of unpredictability actually makes the whole experience that much more fun!

Each year, Gail and I head up early and check out various waterfalls, just to see their current condition, looking at water flow levels, whether there has been any major impact to the falls from heavy water flow during the Summer, or a random tree that might have been pushed over the top of the waterfall, etc.  Again, it’s that unpredictability that makes this an exciting adventure.

And then there are the aspen. Each year the colors are a bit different, and the exact time when they “turn color” in various areas is a little different each year. So, we go out before the workshop starts and check out the various areas that are the most productive locales for great aspen shots, and plan the trip around that.

Finally, there is the weather. That’s the big unpredictable factor. We plan this trip more than a year in advance, with absolutely no way of knowing what the weather conditions will be a year later. I know the general weather patterns of the area in this time of year (I was a bit of a weather /meteorology nerd in my younger years). I know generally what we might encounter, but we won’t really know what we’ll be dealing with until we get there.

I plan the activities of our workshop totally around the weather conditions.  Our prime concern is safety, and mountain weather must be respected.  It is a powerful force.  Weather is also a wonderful factor that totally impacts the images we create, so we’ll plan our endeavors around what will likely produce the best images, based on the clouds, sky, rain, sun angle, (snow?).  Whatever we get, we get. We make the best of it.

Ultimately, this whole trip is more than just about photography.  The experience in this incredible national treasure called Rocky Mountain National Park is always remarkable. The camaraderie and friendships developed as we all experience this together is a part of what makes our trips especially memorable.  As I often say, “we go as photographers, we come back as friends” and that really is true.

In the many years we have been doing this, we have made great friends, and have so many wonderful memories.

I’ll try to post some photos while we are up there over the next few weeks, as I find time (but I will be pretty busy). 🙂

If you have an interest in joining us in 2020 (2019 has been totally sold out for months), go to our web page and read more about it!

We have early registration discounts in effect right now that can save you up to $400!  We just opened registration to the general public a few days ago and we already have 5 people registered, and 3 more who have been talking with me about signing up.

If you have any questions about the trip, don’t hesitate to ask!  

Kevin Gourley

P.S. Here are a few photos from previous trips…

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