Be the Photographer You Want to Be!

If you are ready to learn photography, grow in your photographic skills, be challenged to improve, and have a lot of fun and create some great images of your own, you have come to the right place!

  1. Start here by learning the fundamentals of photography in my Photography 101 Workshop!
  2. Be challenged to grow further with this special program for 6 select photographers in a 6 month program I call my ‘6×6 Photography Workshop‘.  You’ll be creating some amazing images in this class!

  3. Learn how to more effectively do photography with my Electronic Flash/Speedlight Clinic!

  4. Experience the ultimate photographic adventure on our Summer or Fall Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops in 2018!

  5. Remember I also offer private instruction in almost every topic of photography! I am anxious to help you become the photographer you’ve always wanted to be!

  6. My new book ‘30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs‘ is now available on Amazon!

    If you own a Digital SLR (DSLR) or a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC), this book was written for you!  I lead you through the 30 most important things you need to know to effectively use your camera to achieve consistently better photographs.

Kevin's book "30 Practical Tips for Better Photographs" is available in print and on Kindle devices!

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