The Best Camera is the One That is With You

I have seen this quote pretty often: “The best camera is the one that is with you.”  It has been attributed to so many different people on the Internet, I am not sure there is one originator of the quote. The point is so very valid though.

I was recently on a fantastic retreat at the 1900 acre H.E. Butt Foundation Camp on the headwaters of the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country near Leakey, TX.

I had my fancy DSLR with me on the trip, but I really didn’t want to take it on my hike up to the top of this cliff.

When I led a group of friends on this hike, I decided to just take my iPhone, and leave behind my DSLR.

It was a great hike, including a 400 foot ascent to the top, shimmying on rocks in some places, and hugging a river cliff edge that included a section of trail that sloped sideways right into the Frio River.  I was glad I just brought my iPhone.

The weather was spectacular. This venture was really about enjoying the outdoors with friends. It was not a photographic expedition. It was a pretty good workout also.

Upon reaching the summit, we were rewarded with a great view. My handy iPhone allowed me to capture photos along the journey as well as this the view from the top:

That’s looking down from the top of the cliff overlooking the camp where we were staying. I was really glad I was able to bring along my iPhone. It was the perfect sized camera.  Since I didn’t want to bring my DSLR, that means my iPhone was the best camera for this because I had it with me!

My wife and I do lots of hikes around Austin and in our neighborhood. If you’d ever like to join us, just let me know! We love hiking with friends!

I hardly ever bring my DSLR with me on hikes, but I always have my iPhone with me. Here are some examples of a few iPhone shots taken while hiking:

There is no ONE type of camera that is perfect for all purposes. Ultimately, the best camera is the one that is with you when you want to take a picture.

Happy Picture Taking!
Kevin Gourley

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