Photography 101 - Fundamentals of Great Photography

Photography 101

Fundamentals of Great Photography

The Photography 101 Workshop is a great investment.
The return on your investment is great photographs.

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I'm Interested in a Class in June
Want me to add an evening class in June?? Let me know ASAP!
If you would like me to add an evening Photography 101 class on Tues/Wed/Thurs  June 21,22,23  28,29,30 I am willing to do so if there's enough interest.

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 10am
Beginning August 16, 2022

  • Learn photography in this great in-person morning class!
  • Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 10am-Noon(ish)
  • August 16,19,23,25,30 Sept 1 2022
    $329 if you register by July 16th SAVE $20!
    $349 Standard Price

Tuesday/Thursday Evenings 7pm
Beginning August 16, 2022

  • Learn photography in this great in-person morning class!
  • Tuesday/Thursday Evenings 7pm-9:10pm
  • August 16,19,23,25,30 Sept 1 2022
    $329 if you register by July 16th SAVE $20!
    $349 Standard Price

Student Comment: "Kevin is a true professional with a passion for photography. Learning from someone with an expansive knowledge base coupled with the ability to translate the technical details in a way that is easy to understand makes this class fantastic. Don't spend money on new equipment to get better pictures... put it toward a class with Kevin; you'll be glad you did." - Andy Stoner

Student Comment: "For years I have wanted to take a photography class, but was reluctant because I thought it would be too overwhelming and didn't have the confidence to do it. Kevin is very thorough and made me feel very comfortable about asking any questions I had. I am so glad I finally decided to take a class and came across Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops." - Tiffany Dewald

Student Comment: "I have always wanted to take photography classes and choosing Kevin as the instructor was the best decision. His classes are fluid and easy to understand."

A Great Class for Beginners

If you are new to photography, this is a great class to help you understand the basics, giving you a jump start on creating great photographs. Is your new digital SLR or "mirrorless camera" overwhelming with all of its options and settings? Do you envision all sorts of great ideas for photos, but then find yourself frustrated because you don't know what to do? We'll take the mystery out of photography and you'll start taking better photos.

A Great Class for Intermediate Photographers

Even if you have been taking photos for quite a while, understanding the fundamentals will help you create the best photographs possible. People often "jump in" and start taking photos, fall in love with photography, get a better camera and more lenses, but skip over really learning some of the important basics. Eventually they hit a wall and get frustrated because they just can't seem to get the shots they want, and they can't figure out what to do. If this describes you, then this is the class for you! This class will provide a foundation on which you can build your own creative style and images.

Beginner or intermediate, the ultimate objective in this class is to empower you with the tools and techniques to create great photos.

It is so important to learn the "basics", to understand how cameras, lenses, light, composition, interact together in the process of creating great images. Once you understand the "rules", we will explore when "breaking the rules" can be creatively used to produce beautiful and engaging images.

Learn all the things your manual will NEVER teach you!

To create better photographs, it's tempting to think  you have to buy a better camera.  The REAL key is to become a better photographer. This workshop will help you do that!

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Your Camera

If you own a Digital SLR (DSLR) or new Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC) this is a great class to learn how to move beyond shooting in "automatic" mode. This class is more suited to DSLR's and MILC's or any camera that has P, A, S, M exposure modes. More limited cameras like small point-and-shoot cameras or smart phones or Nikon Coolpix series cameras may have very limited features and no P,A,S,M exposure modes, and are not the best for this class.

You Will Learn How To
This Course Covers These Topics

Student Comment: "I thought the pace of the class was right on, not too fast or slow! I loved how much we got through without it ever seeming overwhelming. It was a wonderful class!"

Student Comment: "Kevin is a great teacher and makes the incredible art of photography simple and easy to comprehend in the 101 class. It was a great experience for me!"

Class Format

Come prepared to learn with camera and notebook in hand!   Please make sure to bring your camera's manual, if you have it.  All sessions will be at my photography studio in NW Austin.  

This course is offered in three different formats at various times throughout each year. It is offered as an evening or daytime class, 2 hr sessions, once per week or several times per week for 6 sessions, and occasionally it is offered as a weekend class, called the Photographers Weekend Boot Camp.

The classes are a mix of mostly lecture and some hands-on activities plus homework assignments (weekday classes only) to help you further practice what we cover in class.  The homework is optional, but to get the most out of the class, I encourage you to do the homework! You can send your results by email or upload via this website, and I'll give you feedback and suggestions for improvement.  There will be question / answer times throughout.  Plus, I'm happy to meet with you before or after class if you're needing extra help.

The "Class Before the Class"

You are invited and encouraged to come 30 minutes early if you need a little extra help, have additional questions, or need a little more hands-on learning with your camera to figure out something that's not making sense.  If you are really "lost", no problem. Just arrange with me to come in even earlier!

Keep in Touch!

Once you have been a student of one of my classes, you are invited to future photographer social get-togethers at my studio (for free).   Also, as a former student, you are welcome to email me any time with any other photography questions.

Perfect Gift for That Photographer in Your Life!

Give this class registration as a gift to your photographer loved-one or friend!  I can provide a nice gift registration notice that you can give as a present! Just click to register for the appropriate class, and make sure you select the option that indicates that you are purchasing this as a gift for someone else. If YOU want someone to give this as a gift to YOU, start hinting now! :-)

If You Have to Miss a Session

If you can't make it to all of the classes due to a business trip, or illness, etc. I can offer a private makeup session to catch you up on the missed 2 hour session.  The price for redoing the class session just for you is only $120.  This offer only applies for doing one makeup session per person.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees apply based on how soon you cancel. The full details about the Cancellation Policy are disclosed on the registration page, when you register. Your registration for this class indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions. Classes must have at least 3 registered students. If we get less than 3 registrations for a class, you will be given the option of transferring to a different class, or receiving a full refund.

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