[ Also check out our Fall Photographers Boot Camp at Beavers Bend to learn the fundamentals of photography! ]

Note: If you have taken my 2 -Day 'Fall Photography Workshop' at Beavers Bend in previous years, this is NOT the same type of workshop. It is quite different!

'Rekindle' A Unique 3-Day Workshop/Retreat for Photographers

Recharge and re-connect with your love of photography in a beautiful resort park.



Only twelve students in the nation will have the privilege to participate in this unique retreat/workshop.
Will you be one of the twelve?
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Sometimes we reach a point where we just need to get away and reconnect with...

... why we fell in love with photography!

  • You might have reached a point where you feel uninspired, 'burned out', or just feel like you have lost that spark of creativity.
  • Maybe you just don't feel good about the images you are creating, like they're 'missing something'.
  • Perhaps you need some fresh ideas to help you grow as a photographer.
  • Or you are new to photography and even though you know the fundamental technical stuff, you want to explore more of the artistry of photography.

This workshop is for anyone who is yearning to grow more deeply in their photography. It's for those who are ready to challenge themselves, to see the world around them in new ways, to "connect" with the beauty of nature, and to rekindle that 'artist' within. The art of photography is really more about YOU than it is about your camera.

Photography is MORE than camera settings, f/stops, and shutter speeds!

"A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety."
- Ansel Adams

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. " ~
- Albert Schweitzer

You know how to use your camera, but the real challenge is taking the next step beyond camera "settings" to discover the art you yearn to create. The answer lies in a mixture of technical skills, artistic skills, 'seeing' the world in new and different ways, applying a mix of photographic techniques with computer digital imagery techniques.


This is a chance to retreat, regroup, rediscover, and recreate. What better place to do this than in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of Southeast Oklahoma in the Fall!

We'll be photographing in various areas of the park, but we will be encouraging you to pursue numerous creative techniques as you do your photography.

Beavers Bend is the perfect place for a workshop like this 'Rekindle' Workshop because in spite of the park's beauty, the best way to photograph this park is to take a little extra time to look deeply into its beauty to 'find the shot' that expresses its beauty from YOUR perspective. In fact, our goal isn't even for you to create a large quantity of pretty photos. Our goal is to help you find ways to nurture your artistic expression. Expect to be challenged.

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Beavers Bend 'Rekindle the Artist Within' Photography Workshop 2016

  • Three Full Days
  • Oct 20-22, 2016 Thursday-Saturday
    (Arrive on the 19th, Depart on the 23rd)
  • Limited to 12 students
  • $599

"Kevin is a gifted instructor."

Student Comments:

This workshop includes:


  Special Benefits for Our Students

Color Inc is an excellent professional photography lab specializing in photographic printing, press printing, gallery wrapped canvas, mounting, and much more! My students receive special discounts!

Bring your photos to life! All of my students receive 15% OFF Topaz Products, plus one student in each workshop wins a FREE Topaz product!
Wide range of products for image enhancement and excellent artistic effects.

HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) All of my students receive 25% OFF Photomatix Pro or Photomatix Essentials!
Create stunning photographs of high contrast scenes. (For Mac or PC)

HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) All of my students receive discounts off AuroraHDR!
Great software for creating outstanding High Dynamic Range (HDR) images! (For Mac or PC)

Powerful image editing software!
Noise reduction, black and white conversion, image enhancements and much more!

ThinkTank Photo - Inventive Camera Bags for All of Your Gear - The Choice of Working Professionals For all friends of Kevin Gourley Photography Workshops, follow this link to their website and you will receive a free gift with your order of $50 or more!  

Do MORE with your photography using these specialized programs from HeliconSoft! All of my students receive 20% OFF HeliconSoft Products!
Achieve super depth-of-field images (Helicon Focus), remote control your camera (Helicon Remote), etc.

Alien Skin Software makes creative tools for photographers and graphic designers! All of my students receive 10% OFF Alien Skin Software Products!
Powerful yet simple tools that render beautiful pictures.


Who should choose the 'Rekindle' Photography Workshop?

Anyone who already knows how to operate their camera in various useful modes such as Aperture Priority or Manual, and is wanting to advance further in the art of photography. If you do not have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of photography, you are encouraged to gain those skills before signing up for this class OR you could even take the Fall Photographers Boot Camp to learn those skills AND take this workshop, and spend the whole week at Beavers Bend! If you have any questions about whether you are 'qualified' to take this workshop, just Contact Kevin!


When You Register

When you register, you will need to call the Lakeview Lodge to book your room. (We'll remind you.)

The workshop price only covers the cost of the workshop itself. You are responsible for booking and paying for your own lodging, meals, and transportation.

Accommodations: Lakeview Lodge, Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma

The rooms of Lakeview Lodge each have a million-dollar view, sitting high above Broken Bow Lake. Refined country furnishings, cable TV and in-room coffee service are among the many features standard in each room. Enjoy complimentary continental breakfast by the fireplace in the Great Room or relax on the Balcony Terrace.

The rooms are very reasonably priced. Students can book their room by calling the Lakeview Lodge at 580-494-6179. You must pay a deposit equal to the value of one night's accommodation and tax. You would need to check in the day before the workshop starts, and check out the morning after it ends. Make sure you book your room, checking in on Oct 19, and checking out on Oct 23, 2016.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

I'll add answers to this section as I get questions ...  :-)

Q:   I see your business is based in Austin, Texas but I don't live anywhere near Austin.  Can I still take this course?
A:  Absolutely!  You can come from anywhere to take this destination workshop at Beavers Bend State Resort Park in Southeast Oklahoma.

Q:  I live in Austin, Texas.  Can I drive to Beavers Bend or should I fly?
A:  Drive!   Beavers Bend is about 380 miles from Austin, just about a 6.5 hour drive.  If you drive and leave at Noon, you can get there by 7pm!   No complicated flight arrangements needed.

Q: What will the temperatures be like?
A:  Hard to predict exactly, of course.   It's the Fall!   Temperatures will likely be cool, but it's possible the highs could be in the 80's or maybe just the 60's.   Bring clothing for both possibilities.  Layers are good, in case it is a chilly morning and then the temperatures warm up.   Pack a rain jacket and umbrella just in case it rains.

Q: Will there be Fall Colors?
A: They say peak Fall colors are in late October into early November.  The main point of this workshops is not really "Fall Colors" but rather is about growing in your photographic and artistic skills.

Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: For cancellations made before June 1, 2016, a Cancellation Fee of $99 will be charged. For cancellations made on or after June 1, 2016, a $199 Cancellation Fee will be charged. For cancellations made after August 1, 2016, cancellation forfeits the full amount paid unless a new registration fills your vacated space, then only a $99 Cancellation Processing Fee is charged.



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