What next after Photography 101?

What Next After Photography 101?

I'm Interested! Interested in any of these classes below? Let us know!
Some of these classes may already be currently offered, and/or we are happy to add another session of any of these classes if we have at least 3 students. Your input matters!

You Have Options to Learn More of the Technical Side of Photography, More Types of Photography, or Venture Into the Creative Side!

If you find a class that you want to take but there is not a session currently scheduled, let me know! I will add any of these classes if we have at least 3 participants.

Would you like to figure out which direction to head in your photography to find YOUR artistic expression? This is the class for YOU!

Photography: Finding Your Way - Creativity and Inspiration Workshop

Whether you are just starting out in photography or you have years of experience, this class will meet you where you are and help you find new directions to head to discover your unique artistic expression in photography! Fall in love with photography, all over again! Regardless of the type of camera you use, even if it's just an iPhone/Smartphone, you'll find this class worthwhile!

Do you want to expand your photography tecnical and compositional skills a little more?

Photography 201 - Expand Your Photography Skills

We'll go beyond what we covered in Photography 101 in some of the technical skills, as well as discussing composition and artistic considerations a bit more, plus I'll demonstrate some of the power of editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.

Do you want to master the qualities of LIGHT in your photography?

Light & Photography Workshop

Highly recommended for anyone serious about wanting to improve their photography! This course is a comprehensive look at light in its various forms, both natural and artificial and we look at the many ways we photographers can control and manipulate light to create great photographs!

Do you want to learn how to use electronic flash indoors and outdoors?

Flash / Speedlight Photography Workshop

Learn how to most effectively use electronic flashes / speedlights to expand your photographic skills.

Do you want to learn how to best organize and enhance your photographs?

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Workshop

A very "hands on" in-person 12-hour learning experience. Learn how to organize and enhance your photographs with this powerful program! Explore the new powerful editing features that have been added with the latest version! Bring your own computer. Class size is very limited.

Do you want to learn how to use the ultimate software for photo editing?

Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers Workshop

Are you interested in wildlife photography?

Online Course: Wildlife Photography Essentials Class

Let's explore ways YOU can create better wildlife photographs! Kevin Gourley has years of experience leading many photographers on workshops in stunning Rocky Mountain National Park and other locales. This is an online class over Zoom videoconferencing. Join from anywhere!

Are you interested in nature photography?

Online Course: Nature Essentials Photography Class

Let's explore how YOU can create better nature / wildlife / landscape photographs! Kevin Gourley has years of experience leading many photographers on workshops in stunning Rocky Mountain National Park and other locales.

Do you want to learn about how to use studio lighting?

Studio Lighting Workshop

You'll complete this comprehensive workshop on studio lighting creating your own amazing images with your own camera, shot with our studio lighting and expert guidance, and gain a better understanding of the entire process involved.

Maybe you'd like to have some private instruction focused on your needs and time schedule?

Online or In-Person Private Instruction

Focused on: Your specific photography needs + Your schedule We can do this in person or online via Zoom video conferencing. Also we can arrange special custom small group sessions at a much reduced per-person price! Share a series of sessions with your photographer friends!




Student Comment: "Kevin is a true professional with a passion for photography. Learning from someone with an expansive knowledge base coupled with the ability to translate the technical details in a way that is easy to understand makes this class fantastic. Don't spend money on new equipment to get better pictures... put it toward a class with Kevin; you'll be glad you did." - Andy Stoner