About Kevin Gourley

Photography is not just my "interest" or "profession". It is part of who I AM and it is my full-time profession.

I have loved photography for decades and have taught the art and science of photography to many photographers in Texas and beyond, plus I have organized numerous photography interest community groups over the decades.

My grandfather and great grandfather were both professional photographers in the late 1800's and early 1900's. So you might say it's "in my blood."

I not only DO photography professionally at my full service studio in NW Austin, but I offer I lot of very popular classes on photography here in Texas and in destination workshops in other locales such as Colorado and Oklahoma.

My love of travel has led me to all sorts of interesting locations, photographing landscapes, nature and wildlife, and interesting architecture, and most anything else that might catch my eye. I especially love challenging photographic projects involving complex lighting and creative special effects. And in my nature photography, I don't really know why, but I always love photographing moose. I think they are such cool animals. :-) I really enjoy photographing people also. Actually, I suppose I love all aspects of photography. Always have.

More nerdy boring info about me: I have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and worked in the Austin, Texas high tech community for many years. My education, background, and experience in computer graphics fits perfectly with my work in the photographic world. (My grandfather and great grandfather would be so amazed at what we can do today!) I have loved watching and being a part of the evolution of the computer graphics world and digital imaging of today. Wayyyy back in 1981, I was involved with, and official photographer of, SIGGRAPH '81 which is a computer graphics conference that was instrumental in shaping our world of computer graphics. I fell in love with computer graphics and digital imaging back then and am still in love with it all today. So, even though I have worked countless hours in the darkroom in years' past, developing and printing color and B&W film photographs, and know that world really well too, I am having so much fun in the all-digital world of today!

John 13:34-35 <><

P.S. Although I love to travel, I don't usually ride on the front of a moving train. ;-)