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Light & Photography Workshop – Why It Is Right For YOU!

I have a Light & Photography Workshop starting soon and I want to make SURE you consider joining us!

You can master the camera settings, exposure modes, aperture, shutter speeds, depth of field, focal lengths, and still take a bad photo! What I cover in my Light & Photography Workshop is absolutely essential for every photographer who wants to create better images. Yes, you need to learn about your camera first, but in this Workshop we explore the world of LIGHT and the importance of mastering the use and manipulation of light to create better images.

Especially, if you have taken my Photography 101 Workshop or my Photography: Mastering the Fundamentals Class, I wholeheartedly urge you to consider signing up for the Light & Photography Workshop that’s coming up on:

Whether you are a portrait photographer or you like nature and landscape photography, LIGHT is the ESSENTIAL ingredient common to all photography. If you use the techniques I show you in this class to more effectively use light in your images, your photography will improve!


  • Learn how to take great shots even in “bad light” conditions.
  • Frustrated with your flash photography? You’ll learn how to create great flash photographs.
  • Improve all of your photographs through improved lighting techniques
  • Get creative! Have fun using light in all sorts of creative ways to produce stunning results.
  • This class is a mix of classroom instruction combined with live demonstrations, hands-on activities and class projects, and homework.

Also, a real bonus is the Studio Lighting Add-On Session which you can sign up for if you take this class!  You will have a chance to take your own great images with a professional model in my studio using my studio lighting, with my help!

Students are Saying:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin’s Light & Photography Workshop. The classroom sessions struck a nice balance of academic lessons that answered many questions and explained principles that I was aware of but didn’t fully comprehend and demonstrations of those principles. It was enlightening and refreshing to get clarity! I also found it invaluable to setup and work with my own equipment in the studio while Kevin guided the discovery process. After taking the class, I understand light better, and most importantly, improved my photography. Thanks, Kevin!” -Mike Johanns
  • Kevin is an amazing teacher. Love that the classes were small enough that it was almost like having a private tutoring lesson. He encouraged us to ask questions, and was extremely knowledgeable in giving us answers and or solutions to them. I would definitely recommend one of his classes. I’ve felt a little light bulb go off in my mind, many of times. If you’re like me, and love photography and want to learn all there is, this is the place to be.”


Light & Photography Workshop

We just wrapped up another Light & Photography Workshop!  This course is a comprehensive look at light in its various forms, both natural and artificial, and we look at the many ways we photographers can control and manipulate light to create great photographs!

Over several sessions, we explore the ways light works its magic to make images beautiful, and then dig into the details about how to operate electronic flashes (speedlights) and studio strobes (monolights).

studio lighting workshopThe course ends with a session done in my studio where the participants have a chance to photograph a couple of models, putting into practice what we covered in class.

Student Comment: “Kevin’s Light and Photography class is fantastic. The small class size ensures everyone get personalized instructions. His tips for using every type of lighting from flashlights and household lighting to pro photography lighting make this class a must for every level of photographer. His demos were the highlight of the class. Every photographer can learn from this class. The add-on model shoot session is also a must.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE and let us know if you’d like us to add another session soon!  Your input is important!






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Here are some photos taken by participant, Sandy O’Connor:

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