My Hope for You in 2020

To all my photographer friends, students and former students, clients, all of you, I hope you find 2020 to be your best year.

For each of you:

  • I hope you discover inspiration and confidence to be uniquely you, in your artistic expression.  You don’t have to copy others to be good. Be you. Seek inspiration, rather than just imitation.  What you have to offer the world is distinctly YOU, shaped by your life experience, passions, and gifts.
  • I hope you make choices that lead you to a better life.  A life that is truly lived.  Not just “existing.” I have discovered that sometimes we get caught up in just making choices that just keep us in the same routine of existing.  Life is more than just existing.  With each day, choose wisely.
  • I hope you live a life of gratitude because I believe that is the key to a fulfilling life. If we always focus on what we want, we will always be disappointed in what we don’t have. If we focus on what we DO have, we begin to realize we actually have an abundance already.  Never take life for granted.  Even the small stuff, may turn out to be the most meaningful, if we just see it.
  • If you feel that parts of your life are “broken” and that healing from that brokenness is unattainable (hey I’ve been there too), I want you to never give up.  Not ever. Faith, even the smallest amount of faith, can move mountains.
  • I want you all to know how much you have meant to me.  I have been doing “photography” for a lot of years (about 45 years) and made the switch over to pro photography over a decade ago.  What I have discovered over this past decade is that what I have loved the most about this experience isn’t really the photography. What I have loved the most is all of the truly wonderful people I would have never known, had I not made this dramatic career change.  My life has been made better because I know you. I most sincerely mean that.

Bless you all in this new year,

Kevin Gourley

p.s. the photo I attached to this post is pretty old. I created it about 44 years ago back when I first fell in love with photography.

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