Have Fun and Explore Various Techniques

I encourage you experiment with various techniques in creating your digital art.  This includes exploring some of the various different software tools available to you. It is totally okay to experiment. Try new things. Go beyond just “photography” and see what you can create.

In this image, I used a mix of Adobe Photoshop, along with software from Topaz Labs (I used Topaz Glow and Topaz Impression) to create something completely abstract.  Granted, since it is “art”, you may or may not like it. Each person’s artistic expression varies greatly, as does each person’s appreciation of art.  I was just playing around, in creating this.

In creating this, I started out with the image below. She’s totally lovely in just a regular photograph.  I just felt like experimenting to see how much I could transform this image into something totally abstract.

Or in this image, I started with an image originally shot at a very slow shutter speed, intentionally adding motion blur, and then applied some color enhancements with Adobe Photoshop, followed by a few tweaks with Topaz Glow.

Or in the following image, I did NOT use any software manipulations to create this. This was 100% created with camera techniques using a super slow shutters speed and “painting light” into the background.

Experiment. Have fun. The bottom line is: If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.

Happy Digital Imaging!

Kevin Gourley

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