Featured Photographer: Terry Brim

Your Name: Terry Brim

Type of Camera: Canon 7D Mark II

What do you love to photograph the most?  For many years 95% of what I photographed was soccer and lacrosse players on our kid’s teams.  Now that they’ve moved beyond high school and are no longer involved in sports I have time to shoot other things.  My interests are broad and I have no particular favorite.  I enjoy landscapes and nature, wildlife, cityscapes, night skies (using a star tracker to capture Milkyway images), macro, and most recently aerial shots of sunrises and sunsets captured by way of a drone.  I’m enthralled with the possibilities that drones provide to capture images from many different points of view.

What is one thing you have learned that has improved your photography?   Know your subject.  If you’re shooting a sporting event know the rules of the game, learn the tendencies of the players so that you can anticipate where they might kick/pass a ball so that you can have your camera pointed in the right location to capture imminent action.  Know rising and setting times of the sun and moon to plan landscape and cityscape shots.  Know the times of the new moon when the skies are darkest and when the galactic core is visible for planning Milkyway shoots.

Advice you’d give to others wanting to grow in their photography skills:  Take lots of pictures.  Experiment with your camera and lenses.  Make changes to the exposure triangle by varying aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to learn how those changes are related and how they effect the depth of field, sharpness, and noise in your images.  Capture your subject from different points of view; shoot high, shoot low, shoot from the left, shoot from the right.

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