Reason to Think About Summer 2020 NOW!

Yes indeed there are reasons to be thinking about Summer 2020 NOW!

Our 2020 Rocky Mountain Photography Workshops are now open for registration!  All 2019 options for Summer and Fall have been sold out for months.  Now is actually the time to be thinking about 2020!  In fact our 2020 workshop options are already almost half full, and some options are already sold out!  So don’t wait until it’s too late!

Summer and Fall are both fantastic times to join us in Rocky Mountain National Park on our fun workshops.  In this blog post, I just wanted to mention some of the reasons to consider the 2020 Summer options.

  • Before all options fill up, you could plan the trip where several of your photographer friends all join you.  It is an especially fun group experience!
  • The weather is spectacular in the Summer!  
  • Planning ahead ensures you get the best options for the workshop date choices and lodging options. (Remember this is also a popular vacation spot.)
  • Wildflowers!  Popping up everywhere, lots of wildflowers and grass is green as the park awakens from its snowy Spring.
  • Wildlife are up in the higher elevations and you can get some great shots in the early morning light.
  • We have a lot of experience in going to the right places at the right times of day to get the best light for photography and increase the chances of encountering wildlife.   Also, we tend to find more moose in the Summer. We see them in the Fall, but even more in the Summer. We’ll also see elk, deer, marmots, pika, chipmunks, squirrels, possibly big horn sheep, a variety of birds, and although less likely, you might see a bobcat, or coyote, or bear!
  • Waterfalls and cascades will be flowing more heavily in the Summer due to the snow melting in the mountains.
  • All roads are likely to be open because there is less chance of having an early snowfall in July, and roads have been cleared of any remaining snow from the late Spring.
  • Sunrise happens early in the Summer, and we go out very early (before sunrise).  Now you might not think getting up early sounds all that enticing, but hey you can take a nap in the afternoon.  By getting out really early, the lighting is gorgeous, the wildlife are out, and we almost have the whole park to ourselves while the crowd of vacationers are still asleep in their cabins back in Estes Park.  Also it is typical to have rains come over the mountains in the early afternoon. We are back to the cabins by the time the vacationers start crowding into the park AND before the rains happen.  This is one very attractive feature of the Summer workshop simply because sunrise happens so early.  Believe me, this is a REAL benefit!  You’ll see what I mean!

Here are some photos from our previous Summer workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park:


Yes,this is in July!

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